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Great Indian Cine Heroines noted for bold acts or honorability of Character

An Indian lady noted for bold acts or honorability of character. A lady who, in the feeling of others, has unique accomplishments, capacities, or individual qualities and is viewed as a good example or perfect the important female character in a  film, and so on. some of the Great Indian film Heroins/actresses are given below.

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  • Great Indian Cine Heroines noted for bold acts or honorability of Character
    Great Indian Cine Heroines noted for bold acts or honorability of Character
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Great Indian Cine heroin


Watch this video Actress Sridevi with Lovely Family 

Great Indian Sridevi was born on August 13, 1963, in her father’s hometown of Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India. Her mother was from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. So Sridevi grew up speaking Telugu and Tamil. She has a sister named Srilatha and a stepbrother named Satish. Her dad passed away during the year 1991, while her mom died during 1997.Great Indian Sridevi started her career at a very early age in 1967 as a child artiste in a Tamil movie ‘Kandhan Karunai’. She also starred as a child actress in a Telugu movie ‘Bangarakka’ in 1977, and in a Malayalam movie ‘Kumara Sambhavan’ in 1969.

Great Indian Sridevi made her foray on the Bollywood tinsel screen in 1975 as a child actor with the smash-hit ‘Julie’ in which she played the younger sister of the lead actress. Thereafter she started to act in adult roles in Hindi only from 1979. She appeared in 63 movies in Hindi; 62 in Telugu; 58 in Tamil; and 21 in Malayalam – in a career that has spanned from 1967 through to 2007.

Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi established strong on-screen pair with Kamal Hasan in Tamil films from 1977-1983 and then with Jeetendra in Hindi Films from 1983-1988 which helped her get a foothold in Hindi films. Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi initial claim to fame was appearing as a romantic interest to established stars NTR, ANR, Krishna Ghattamaneni, Vishnuvardhan in Telugu and Kannada films from 1978-1985. She has four hits with Rajesh Khanna and then from late 80’s till 1996 her pair with Anil Kapoor was popular. Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi became popular all over India, thanks to Tamil films’ remakes in Hindi in 1983-1990 which were produced and directed by the same team which had made the southern version first and in these films she was cast opposite Rajesh Khanna or Jeetendra.

Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi became popular all over India, thanks to Tamil films’ remakes in Hindi in 1983-1990 which were produced and directed by the same team which had made the southern version first and in these films she was cast opposite Rajesh Khanna or Jeetendra.

Great Indian Sridevi has also appeared in the TV series ‘Malini Iyer’, judged a TV show ‘Kaboom’ as well as appeared in numerous print and TV ads. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Asian Academy of Film & Television.

Great Indian Sridevi went on to get married to her co-star, Anil Kapoor’s older brother, Boney, on June 2, 1996. They are now parents of two daughters,  Jhanvi and Khushi.

Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi made a comeback to films with “English Vinglish” in 2012.

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Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi  Tamil/Telugu/Hindi megastar
Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi Sister-in-law of megastar Anil Kapoor.
Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi Daughter-in-law of Surinder Kapoor and sister-in-law of Sanjay Kapoor.
Great Indian Sri Devi is on the Board of Director at the Asian Academy of film and television.
Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi Has two daughters named Jhanvi and Khushi, both named after the heroines in husband Boney Kapoor’s films Judaai (1997) and Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai (2000).
In the 1980s, Jaya Prada and Sridevi were fierce rivals. They were of a similar age, from the south and considered contenders for the coveted number one slot in Hindi cinema. In public, each would give the other the cold shoulder. Once, during the shooting of a K.Bappaiah film called Maqsad, Rajesh Khanna and Jeetendra locked the two warring queens in the same makeup room hoping they’d make up. No such thing happened. Two hours later, when they opened the door, they found the actresses sitting at opposite ends of the room in silence.
Great Indian Actress Sridevi was offered a role in Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg. She refused because it wasn’t a starring role and it would have meant taking a hiatus from Bollywood, at a time, when she was at the peak of her career.
Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi was cast in a dual role in 1993’s Baazigar. However, the director felt that the audience would never be able to sympathize with Shah Rukh Khan’s character if he ‘killed’ Sridevi on Screen. The role was rewritten and two different actresses (Shilpa Shetty and Kajol) were hired to play the roles originally meant for La Devi.
Great Indian Film Actress Sridevi was the original choice for the role in ‘Beta’ that made Madhuri Dixit a superstar. She turned the role down because she felt she was already doing too many films with Anil Kapoor.
At the height of her career, Sridevi received countless marriage proposals from wealthy American and British born Indians who saw her as the perfect trophy wife. One of her rumored suitors was Hollywood movie producer Ashok Amritraj.
Great Indian Actress Sri Devi was the sole income earner in her family. She financially supported her mother, stepfather, sister, and stepbrother.
    • Jeetendra Sridevi was paired romantically opposite each other in 16 films and 11 were hits from 1983-88.


  • Sridevi was the highest paid Hindi actress from 1985-1992 and the 2nd highest paid Hindi actress from 1993-1996.
    1. Great Indian Sri Devi fondly recalled meeting the then-assistant director K. Raghavendra Rao when she was a child actress. A scene called for her to cross the street, and when she got hit by a vehicle, K. Raghavendra Rao immediately lifted her and carried her to a doctor even though she suffered only minor injuries. A few years later, when he became a director, he first made her a star in Telugu films with Padaharella Vayasu (1978) and then again in Hindi films with Himmatwala (1983).


    1. Great Indian Actress Sridevi could not speak Hindi when she stepped into the Hindi film industry. She dubbed her dialogues for the first time in Chandni (1989). While yesteryear actress Naaz had dubbed for her in her previous films, Rekha had dubbed for her in Aakhree Raasta (1986).


    1. Great Indian Actress Sridevi was not the director’s first choice for two of her films which made her a star. Jaya Prada was considered for Nagina (1986), while Rekha was supposed to do Chandni (1989).


    1. When Boney Kapoor approached Sridevi’s mother for Mr. India, her mother quoted Rs 10 lakhs as a fee. Boney Kapoor paid Sridevi Rs 11 lakhs instead. Later, he admitted that he wanted to get close to the actress.


    1. While shooting for the hit song Na Jaane Kaha Se Aayi Hai from Chaalbaaz (1989), the actress was running a fever of 103 degrees. Sri Devi performance won her a Filmfare Award for Best Actress.


  1. Hrithik Roshan had his first speaking role opposite Sridevi in Bhagwan Dada (1986) in which he had a small role as a child artiste.
    • Great Indian Actress Sri Devi lost her father during the shooting of Yash Chopra’s Lamhe (1991) in London. She flew home for the last rites and returned to work to shoot a comedy sequence with co-star Anupam Kher.


    • Her former secretary is Hari Singh, whose daughter Bhumicka Singh debuted in the movie Aap Ki Khatir (2006).


    • After Yalgaar, Feroz was toying around with several ideas for his next film. He wanted to remake his film Dharmatma as “Agnikund” with Anil Kapoor as the Godfather.


    • Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty were to play his sons. Music was by Anu Malik. He earlier wanted to make the same film with himself, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Sri Devi in 1987 with the title “Yalgaar”. But that film was shelved due to Anil Kapoor disagreeing when Feroz Khan dropped Jackie from the film. He later started Yalgaar with himself and Sanjay Dutt, but with a different subject and story line.


    • Anil Kapoor refused “Agnikund” in 1994 because he did not want to play father to Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty. Feroz Khan had sold the audio, the overseas video and theatrical rights To Venus for 2.4 crores. Feroz Khan shelved the idea once again when the casting did not work.


    • Feroz Khan shelved the idea once again. He then started Janasheen in 1995 with Akshaye Khanna and Mamta Kulkarni. That too got shelved so he could launch Fardeen in Prem Aggan.


    • Director Narayana Rao Dasari used her name in the song “Devi Mounama Sridevi Mounama” that was picturized on her in the hit film Premabhishekam (1982).


  • Fluent in several languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English.

Personal Quotes:

  1. To be very honest, the characters I have played in the south has been much, much more challenging and exciting than what I have done in Hindi cinema.The character I was supposed to play in “Yugpurush” is a very good character.
  2. There was only one thorn in the flesh, I was supposed to be playing a prostitute. Somewhere I think I have developed a mental block against playing a prostitute. I get uncomfortable and so I guess I won’t be able to do full justice to the character.
  3. Believe it or not, I don’t have an ego. That is one of the first lessons I learned when I entered this line. Every thing here is so uncertain. One moment you are a goddess and the next moment you are out of work. And under the circumstances, the ego is hardly any help. I don’t believe in it and I think every actor or actress should learn to crush their ego even before they learn to act. But here the equation is very strange, so many people who don’t know to act also have an ego
  4. During work, I don’t like fights and tensions. Jaya Prada and I initially did not get along. However, when we realized that the press was thriving on our cold war, we decided to make up. Strangely, the fights never affected our work. If you see Tohfa (1984) or Maqsad (1984) you will never sense the hostility. Thank God, we are on talking terms now, no more of those pointless controversies. also,

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Great Indian Cine heroin

Madhuri Dixit

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Great Indian Actress Madhuri Dixit born in a Marathi-speaking Koknastha Hindu Brahmin family consisting of dad, Shankar, mom, Snehlata, sisters, Rupa and Bharati, and brother, Ajit. An acclaimed Kathak dancer, acting was not her goal, for she wanted to be a Micro-biologist, and did a study in that course in Bombay’s Parle College, in Vile Parle (East), Bombay.

Great Indian Actress first appeared on Bollywood’s tinsel screen in 1986 with two releases ‘Abodh’ and ‘Swati’, and from then continued to act in approximately 66 movies, as well as lent her voice as a playback singer in ‘Devdas’ and ‘Wajood’.

Great Indian Actress has won approximately 12 awards from Filmfare, Star Screen and Zee for her performances in ‘Dil’, ‘Beta’, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’, ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’, ‘Devdas’, ‘Raja’, ‘Mrityudand’, and ‘Lajja’.

In 1999 Great Indian Actress got married to Dr. Sriram Madhav Nene, a Cardiovascular Surgeon, belonging to the same Caste as the Dixit family, and relocated to Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Since December of 2006, the Nene family temporarily living in India as Madhuri is starring in ‘Aaja Nachle’ which is being directed by Anil Mehta, and produced by Yash Chopra.

mainly consisting of dad, Shankar, mom, Snehlata, sisters, Rupa and Bharati, and brother, Ajit.

Great Indian Actress Madhuri Dixit started her career with Rajshri productions Abodh. She delivered hits like Tezaab, Ram Lakhan, Prem Pratigya, Dil, Saajan, 100 days, Beta, Khalnayak, Hum Apke Hain Koun, Raja, Dil to Pagal Hai, Pukar, Devdas. She won 11 major awards and 26 nominations. She became the actress of the millennium in 2000. In Guinness Book of Records Millennium versions, she is reported as the highest paid Indian actress. She became the Zeenews Best actress ever in 2003.

Great Indian Madhuri Dixit won the BBC poll of Best actress ever. She became the Rediff best actress ever. Madhuri is one of the most loved and admired people in the film industry. A movie was made by Ram Gopal Verma as a tribute to her named “main Madhuri Dixit banana Chahta hoon”.

Hindi megastar.
Great Indian Actress Was studying biology at Parle College, Mumbai, India.
Great Indian Actress Was awarded the National Citizen’s Award on August 25, 2001, in Delhi. This award recognizes excellence in various activities affecting national life.
In early 2011, Madhuri declined the lead role in an Indian remake of ‘Freaky Friday’ which was to be helmed by former co-star Anil Kapoor and starring his daughter Sonam Kapoor. This came after criticism from fans who believed that the project was not ideal for Madhuri.
Great Indian Actress with most Filmfare award nominations ever. She has been nominated 13 times.
Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 37, a son Raayan Nene on March 8, 2005. Child’s father is her husband, Shriram Madhav Nene.
Great Indian Actress Gave birth to her 1st child at age 35, a son Arin Nene in March 2003. Child’s father is her husband, Shriram Madhav Nene.
Denver, Colorado [March 2002]
Mumbai, India: Judge on Jhalak Dikhlaja (Indian Dancing with the stars) [February 2011]
Aunt to upcoming actor Sheehan Dixit ( Cousin’s son).
Starred in the shelved film “ Jagajjanani”.
Great Indian Actress was to play Santoshi Maa. Aishwarya was first offered the lead role but declined. The film was going to be dubbed in all Indian languages. Tabu was playing the role of Maydevi. This was in 2001.
The only Hindi movie her husband Ram Nene ever watched was Amar Akbar Anthony.
Signed Vijay Anand’ s film Jana Na Dil Se Door co-starring Dev Anand, Inder Kumar ( Who was replaced by Rajeshwar).
Great Indian Actress left the film before the shooting started. The film remains completed and unreleased. Starred in the shelved film, Anshu Prema Films,”Maha Paap”(1990). Starring Mithun Chakraborty, Madhuri Dixit, Aditya Pancholi, Sumeet Saigal, Suparna, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Shakti Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Sanjay Bajaj. Music by Anand – Milind, Produced and Directed by Surendra Mohan Ahuja.see video.

Personal Quotes:

1)I hope I’m not sounding presumptuous or vain. but I think like Sridevi, I was another heroine who could break the barriers between the classes and the masses.

2)If someone has been bad to me, I believe in being good to that person. It’s my way of getting back. Because that person is going to feel guilty about it. [Interview with Jitendra Kothari, Movie (Magazine) June 1995].

Great Indian Cine heroin

Sharmila Tagore

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Great Indian Actress Sharmila Tagore

Great Indian Bengali actress who achieved success young, Sharmila appeared in numerous Bengali classics before making the jump to Hindi cinema, which first made her a romantic actress and later a legendary actress thanks to her intense films opposite Superstar Rajesh Khanna. A distant relative of poet Rabindranath Tagore, she is also the wife of His Highness Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Nawab of Pataudi, with whom she has three children, actor Saif Ali Khan born 16 August 1970, Saba and Soha Ali Khan, born 4 October 1978.

Great Indian Actress pairing with Shammi Kapoor made her famous in the sixties but as an actress she evolved and became popular due to different films, each belonging to the different genre, she did opposite the Superstar Rajesh Khanna.The pair gave 6 box office blockbusters and 3 unfortunate box office flops which were critically acclaimed films.

Great Indian Actress, Sharmila’s pairing opposite male actors Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra and Shashi Kapoor was loved by the audiences, though Khanna-Sharmila pair remained the most popular with both critics and audience. Mother of Saif Ali Khan, Saba Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan.

Great Indian Sharmila Tagore has been appointed the new Chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification in India, taking over from Anupam Kher, who has thus far not resigned from this position.
Great Indian Actress father’s name is Gitindranath Tagore.
Great Indian Actress husband, Mansoor Ali Khan, died on September 22, 2011, from respiratory failure at age 70 after 41 years of marriage. They had three children.
Great Indian Actress Gave birth to her third child at age 31, a daughter Soha Ali Khan on October 4, 1978. Child’s father is her late husband, Mansoor Ali Khan.
Great Indian Actress Gave birth to her second child, a daughter Saba Ali Khan in 1976. Child’s father is her late husband, Mansoor Ali Khan.
Gave birth to her first child at age 23, a son Saif Ali Khan on August 16, 1970. Child’s father is her late husband, Mansoor Ali Khan.
Great Indian Sharmila Tagore was 2nd highest paid Hindi actress from 1966-1969 along-with Nanda and Waheeda Rehman and became the highest paid actress along-with Mumtaz from 1970-1975 after her pair with Superstar Rajesh Khanna was appreciated with the audience.
Great Indian Actress Sharmila Tagore had 6 box-office hits with Rajesh Khanna – Aradhana, Amar Prem, Avishkaar, Safar, Daag, Choti Bahu and 3 other films were critically acclaimed but were box-office flops – Maalik, Tyaag, and Raja Rani.
Great Indian Actress Sharmila Tagore Aunt of model/actress Nafisa Joesph. Nafisa’s mother Usha Joesph is Sharmila’s first cousin.
Great Indian Actress Sharmila Tagore Mother-in-law of actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. Kareena’s mother is actress Babita Kapoor. Babita’s aunt is actress Sadhana, who worked with Sharmila many years earlier in the blockbuster Waqt (1965).
Sister of actress and costume designer Oindrila Tagore.
Great Indian Actress Sharmila Tagore former secretary was actor N. Kabir. N.Kabir was married to actor Murad’s daughter. N. Kabir has two children. Actress and singer Sanobir Kabir and actor, director Farook Kabir.
Sharmila Tagore’s sister Romila Tagore married Nikhil Sen. Nikhil is the brother of model Nandini Sen. Nandini Sen and Gautam Berry is the parents of Tara Alisha Berry. Gautam Berry is also the father of actor Sikander (From his first marriage to Kiron Kher).
Great Indian Sharmila Tagore worked with Sadhana in Waqt (1965) and they both did their dubbing together. She said she heard Sadhana gasp when she saw how her appearance had changed from one frame to the next because of her thyroid disorder. They both became related to each other many years later when Sharmila’s son Saif Ali Khan married Kareena Kapoor Khan whose mother Babita Kapoor is Sadhana’s niece. A Bengali Hindu Brahmin, she converted to Islam when she fell in love with Muslim cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan and married him. Although she liked Rajesh Khanna and they formed a hit pair in films, eventually she started turning down offers to act in films with him. He was always late to work, and she needed to be home at an earlier time because of her husband and children. After he died in 2012, she wrote the forward on a biography on Khanna titled “Dark Star” (2014).
Great Indian Actress Sharmila Tagore belongs to Bengali Hindu Brahmin, she converted to Islam when she fell in love with Muslim cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan and married him.Although she liked Rajesh Khanna and they formed a hit pair in films, eventually she started turning down offers to act in films with him. He was always late to work, and she needed to be home at an earlier time because of her husband and children. After he died in 2012, she wrote the forward on a biography on Khanna titled “Dark Star” (2014).
Her celebrity crush is Shashi Kapoor, with whom she acted within 9 films.
Great Indian Actress Sharmila Tagore  got five films only after Asha Parekh had turned them down: Kashmir Ki Kali (1964) (her Hindi debut film), Waqt (1965), An Evening in Paris (1967), Aradhana (1969) (Tagore won the Filmfare Best Actress Award), and Chhoti Bahu (1971).


Great Indian Cine Heroine


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Great Indian Bhanurekha was born in the Tamil-speaking Ganesan household on October 10, 1954. Her dad was the popular Tamil actor, Gemini, while her mom was a popular Telugu actress, Pushpavalli. She has seven sisters and one brother. One of her sisters is Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, while another one, Radha, lives in San Francisco with a son named Naveed, who is being readied to act in Bollywood movies.
No stranger to the tinsel screen, Bhanurekha acted in a Telugu movie ‘Rangula Ratnam’ as Baby Bhanurekha along with her mom during 1966, which was subsequently re-made and released in Hindi during 1976 as Rangila Ratan (1976). Great Indian Actress Rekha acted in one more Telugu as well as one Kannada movie (Amma Kosam and Goadalli CID 999 respectively) before relocating to Bombay.
Due to her background, she ended up being very gloomy and


pessimistic during her early years. Great Indian Actress Rekha gets a chance to debut in Bollywood movies during 1970 with Sawan Bhadon(1970) opposite Navin Nischol with a screen name of Rekha. Inability to speak Hindi, a dusky complexion, as well as her weight, did not exactly add to her assets in a predominantly fair-skinned, Hindi-speaking North-Indian film industry.
Great Indian Actress Rekha decided to take matters seriously, took Yoga, shed those extra pounds, learned Hindi and dancing, and thus was born a new and much improved Great Indian heroine  Rekha –  who went on to deliver one box office hit after another for example Nagin (1976),  Muqaddar Ka Sikandar(1978),  Mr.Natwarlal (1979),  Khubsoorat, (1980) Umrao Jaan (1981), Khoon Bhari Maang (1988) amongst others.

In her later years, Great Indian Actress Rekha has taken up character roles and appeared as a mother, even a grandmother in Krrish (2006) during 2006. Her slim, slender looks got her many admirers, including well established Bollywood actors such as Kiran Kumar, Jeetendra, Vinod Mehra, and Amitabh Bachchan. Her marriage to Vinod ended in a divorce, and she ended up getting married to a businessman, Mukesh Aggarwal. This marriage also resulted in a divorce, with Mukesh killing himself shortly thereafter.

A great Indian heroine Rekha likes to surf the Internet, has written biographies of actresses like Zeenat Aman, and Salma Agha on IMDb, likes to collect old photographs and postcards, mimic people, watch movies, and practices Yoga regularly, read comics like Archie and Dennie the Menace and is a vegetarian. She now lives with her Secretary, Farzana, and pets in a self-owned bungalow in Bandra (West)in Mumbai.

Great Indian Actress Bhanurekha Ganesan, better known by her stage name Rekha (born 10 October 1954) is a Bollywood Indian actress. Rekha has acted in over 180 films in a career that has spanned over 40 years. Throughout her career, she has often played strong female characters and, apart from mainstream cinema, appeared in arthouse films, known in India as parallel cinema.

Great Indian Actress Rekha has won three Filmfare Awards, two for Best Actress and one for Best Supporting Actress, for her roles in Khubsoorat (1980), Khoon Bhari Maang (1988) and Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi (1996), respectively. Her portrayal of a classical courtesan in Umrao Jaan (1981) won her the National Film Award for Best Actress.

Great Indian Actress Rekha rarely gives interviews, and she mostly avoids parties and events. In 2011, Rediff listed her as the ninth-greatest Indian actress of all time.

Great Indian Actress Rekha –Daughter of Gemini Ganesan and Pushpavalli.
Great Indian Actress Rekha –Does yoga every day to maintain her ageless look.
Great Indian Actress Rekha –Hindi megastar
Great Indian Actress Rekha –Formed a popular screen couple with Amitabh Bachchan, with whom she made a total of nine films as a heroine to him and with Jeetendra with whom she worked as his heroine in 26 films.
Was obese and plump in her first films in the early 70s but underwent a spectacular transformation and became the ageless icon of beauty and glamor of Bollywood.
Great Indian Actress Rekha  –Credits the regular nutritious diet and exercise as the secret to her ageless face and figure.
Great Indian Actress Rekha –has been called the Madonna and Cher of the Bollywood industry because of her constant reinvention throughout her career.
Great Indian Actress Rekha has gained icon status in Bollywood cinema for her four-decade career in the industry.
Great Indian Actress Rekha Was considered for the lead in Market (2003)
Great Indian Actress Rekha when she played the teacher of the Kama Sutra in the controversial film Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996), many people at the time thought that it would put an end to her career.
Has a younger sister who resides in California.
Great Indian Actress Rekha was considered for the role of Queen Noor Jehan in the movie Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story (2005).
Entire Bollywood industry was shocked in the early 80s when Rekha’s secret affair was revealed with Amitabh Bachchan, who was married to Jaya Bhaduri. Oddly enough, the three of them later starred in the film Silsila (1981), which dealt with the topic of a married man in love with a woman other than his wife. This would be Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan’s last film together In 2001.
Great Indian Actress Rekha tried to stop author Mohan Deep from publishing a biography on her called ‘Eureka!’. She failed but would visit bookstores and ask the owners not to keep copies of ‘Eureka!’ on their shelves.
Great Indian Actress Rekha Loves to read comics. Her favorites include Dennis The Menace and Archie.
Was good friends with actress Meena Kumari before Meena’s death.
Great Indian Actress Rekha Used to have a dog named Pisti who passed away. She now has a cat called Bhaiyyu.
Great Indian Actress Rekha and Some of her favorite western singers include Laura Branigan, Barbra Streisand, Bryan Adams, Whitney Houston, and Sting. Says that if she could change one thing about herself, it would be her hips.
Great Indian Actress Rekha has a large collection of tissue Kanjeevaram and chiffon saris, most of which are of the color gold.
Great Indian Actress Rekha said that if she had a son, she would want him to be like Hrithik Roshan. Her dream came true when she played Hrithik’s mom in the movie Koi… Mil Gaya (2003) and also his grandmother in Krrish (2006).
Great Indian Actress Rekha Loves nature and enjoys working in her garden and taking care of her plants.
In 1986, forty-eight pieces of her expensive jewelry were stolen from her house. The thief, Muniraj Kanappa, was later caught and sentenced to seven years in prison. The court held the jewelry and planned on giving it back after she filed the due application form. But it wasn’t until 17 years later that she remembered this and then went in to collect her jewelry.
Great Indian Actress Rekha could barely speak a word of Hindi at the start of her career. She learned Hindi and then later learned the nuances of Urdu for her role of a courtesan in Umrao Jaan (1981).
Is a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey and watches her show regularly.
Is a vegetarian.
Great Indian Actress Rekha is very active on the Internet, especially on sites about movies. She is also a staunch feminist.
Great Indian Rekha Has a search engine named after her with the domain name
Listed #50 by the UK magazine Eastern Eye one of “Asia’s Sexiest Women” (Sept/2006).
Has seven sisters and one brother.
Great Indian Actress Rekha Ranked #5 by in its list of the “Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Ever”. (March 2007). Even though the movies she has made are in Hindi, her mother tongue is actually Tamil.
Jeetendra-Rekha were romantically paired in 26 films and 15 were hits.
Great Indian Actress Rekha was the 2nd highest paid Hindi actress from 1979-81 and 1st highest paid Hindi actress along-with Reena from 1982-1984 and 3rd highest paid Hindi actress from 1987-92.
Step-nephew of actor Abhinay Vaddi (Gemini Ganesan and Savitri’s grandson).
Actor Abhinay Vaddi is her step-nephew. Sister Vijaya’s son.
Nephew Naveed Ozman from San Fransisco attempted to become an actor in Bollywood in 2008. He left and went back to San Fransisco after a year because he was not able to sign any films.
Great Indian Actress Rekha’s nephew Naveed Syed (Ozman) is married to former actor Sameer Khan’s daughter Seher Khan. Sameer Khan is the younger brother of actor Feroz Khan. Naveed and Sehar have two boys.
Great Indian Actress Rekha Sister Dhanalakshmi is married to actor Tej Sapru.
Was engaged to Raja Khara. He is the brother in law actor Karan Shah.
Great Indian Actress Rekha

Was engaged to wealthy businessman Raja Khara in 1992. Raja’s sister Ameera was married to actor Karan Shah in the early 90’s.

Personal Quotes:

      1. When asked about the doctors that say they did plastic surgeries on her: “I wish I could meet all those surgeons. Every once in a while, some doctor claims to have done some operation on me.”


      1. I’m a very shy person. Unlike what has been insinuated, it’s not a strategy to retain my aura. I’m not trying to live up to any mystery woman image.


      1. Now people might think that I am not married and I have no children, the conventional lifestyle you know, but I see it this way: as long as you are alive, you have a chance to have a future. At least there is hope.


      1. I devoted thirty-one years of my life to this industry and in turn, this industry has given me everything that I can be proud of – name, fame and the perks that go with stardom.


      1. Well, loneliness is still a part of me, but being alone is not necessarily being lonely.


      1. Sometimes I really wish my life were as exciting as people think it is. Let me also add that my private life is mine alone. I don’t want to bare it for discussion and dissection. Because my life can be misunderstood and misinterpreted.


      1. Among the models I admire, I find Aishwarya is the best. I disagree with the media that she is ‘plastic’. I find her very expressive.


      1. I have had the best of both worlds. My profession cannot but thrust me into contact with people all the time. I am a lover of life, very curious, a good listener. I observe, I evaluate. Interacting with co-stars, fans, guests all the time can be nerve-wrenching. But when I meet people, I learn, I evaluate, I marvel, I absorb, I remember, and that helps me grasp and process it back at home.


      1. One thing that has influenced my personal life, my career, my attitude, the person I have become and every decision that I have made is the fact that I have been a loner as a child. I have been more or less on my own. In that case, one can feel sorry for oneself. But, in my case, it gave me more time to observe.


      1. I don’t care much for success – it’s an alien word to me. I don’t believe in success, I don’t believe in achievements so to speak. I just believe in relishing every moment of my life. That’s enough for me.


      1. On winning the Stardust Role Model Award: “Thank you Stardust for honoring me with this award. I’m indeed gratified. I don’t have to say much. My smile and the audiences’ smile says it all. I have been around in this industry for the last 36 years, but I promise I will entertain you for another 63 years.” (February 2006)(July 2006, about Hrithik Roshan): Hrithik epitomizes everything precious in a man, be it as a son, lover or as a husband. This kid is a complete human being.


      1. When asked if she would have a problem doing sexual roles at her age: “After Aastha: In the Prison of Spring (1997) people had a lot to say about my role of a wife who moonlights as a prostitute. I don’t have problems playing anything. I’ve reached a stage where I could do justice to any role that came my way. It could be Maa ka role (the role of a mother), bhabhi ka role (the role of a young woman). negative, positive, sensational or anything.” (October 2006)


      1. About Aishwarya Rai Bachchan taking on her role in the remake of Umrao Jaan (1981): “I am so fond of Ash. Even when she was a model, I was very positive about her achievements and had huge expectations of her. People might think I’m prejudiced but I truly believe that even though ‘Umrao Jaan’ has done a lot for us, it will do a lot more for Ash. She truly deserves it.” (October 2006)


      1. About Aishwarya Rai: “I think she has got a very raw deal. She’s our treasure but she’s neither here nor there, with one foot in Hollywood. She has not had anything great since Devdas (2002). I will fight for her like a tigress if need be.” (October 2006)


      1. “My heart goes out to Ash. She’s been around for so long and yet not been there. That’s how it was with me…until I did Umrao. It seemed improbable that a Tamilian girl talking Urdu would work. Similarly, this South Indian girl should realize her potential in Umrao. She doesn’t need to go to Hollywood to prove herself. She’s our own. Why Bride & Prejudice (2004)? Who are these people, from outside trying to trap Ash’s potential? She’s our treasure. It’s time we acknowledge her.” (October 2006)


      1. “I don’t feel the pinch, you know, or the sting. It’s gone. I’m healed now. I’m not bitter anymore.” (October 2006)


      1. When asked what she was like as a teenager: “Wow! At that point, all I wanted was to be married. And to be loved, and to spend the rest of my life with somebody who truly, truly, truly cared for me, and have children. Lots, and lots, and lots of children. I wonder why I felt like that then.” (October 2006)


      1. “I didn’t have an idea. I don’t know what a man is all about, what he’s supposed to be. Is he supposed to be a provider? Is he supposed to be a lover? Yes, I knew the lover part. I knew that by heart. I knew that my man had to be a lover. He had to love me to death. Because I didn’t know any better.” (October 2006)


      1. “I was never a kind of person who voiced my impressions or my feelings. I never told anybody what I feel. I was very shy, to open my mouth when there are men around.” (October 2006)


      1. “I didn’t know what the word father means. When you think of the father, when you mention the word father, it’s someone in the church. That’s all I know of a father.” (October 2006)


      1. When asked if she is afraid of aging: “If I let these thoughts affect me, I wouldn’t be able to be creative. I’m petrified of falling ill and going to the hospital. However, disasters are a part and parcel of life. I cannot avoid them. But when a catastrophe happens, I’d like to see it as a signal to go into another phase of my life. So, in a silly masochistic way, I welcome pain because it will help me grow.” (Dec 9, 2006)


      1. When asked if she regretted not having children: “Not anymore. I do not miss children. Even if I find the ultimate man to have babies with, it’d be very unfair to my priorities. Because if I have a baby, I won’t be able to focus on anything else. Then what happens to the babies all over the world with whom I’m connected?” (Dec 9, 2006)


      1. “I never thought I’d be home alone, with all my sisters married and gone. I never thought I’d not have my own family, my own children.” (Dec 9, 2006)


      1. “Loner is just a word. It means I spend most of my time on my own. Going by my nature, it’s the most comfortable situation to be in. My god! Think of all the time I get to reason out things, not analyze situations, that’s such a waste of time. But you’ve got to analyze things. And I never consciously created that time. It was bestowed on me.” (Dec 9, 2006)


      1. “I don’t have to spend hours planning and executing my clothes and makeup. I’ve done it for 40-odd years. I can’t bring myself to spend more than 15 minutes on makeup and clothes.” (Dec 9, 2006)


      1. On meeting her ideal man someday: “Maybe I’m being unreal and impractical, but I’m not in denial. If I find someone who’s willing to share me with my fans, I might change my mind. If I had a man, I’d just be devoting all my attention to that one person. I’ll take out his clothes, personally monitor his menu, prepare the lunch and personally deliver it to him.” (Dec 9, 2006)


      1. Maybe beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, in oneself. So what? I don’t care if it’s said she’s on some sort of spiritual trip, she’s obscure, vague, not normal.. she wants to be different. I’m not so different. but people don’t want to be common or normal. They have put me on a high pedestal.. or think I’m alien.. or.. (February 2008)


      1. I’ve done concerts twice in my life.. in ’87 and ’97. Maybe this is the year to start planning a concert.. it has to be done right. I don’t want to be running all over the place like a headless chicken. (February 2008)


      1. On why she never adopted a child: Because it is the hardest job ever. As if.. not more responsible for a teacher’s job. I know what it is to be deprived of a father’s love. I would want a child to have both parents. That’s why I’ve never thought of adoption.. or of having a child out of wedlock. (February 2008)


      1. The moment you’re a star, you’re no longer normal. That’s a curse you’ve got to live with. (January 1997)


    1. I like shooting after three in the afternoon. I sleep on my face and it tends to get puffy in the mornings. The face actually starts settling afternoon and is at its best around six in the evening. (April 1978)

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Great Indian Cine heroin



Great Indian Mumtaz was born on July 31, 1947, to Abdul Sameed Askari and Sardar Begum Habib Agha aka Naaz, both of Iranian origin but settled in Bombay, India. Mumtaz first appeared in as a child artist in Sanskar (1952), Yasmin (1955), Lajwanti (1958), Sone Ki Chidiya (1958), Stree(1961). Her mother, Naaz, was also an actress in films. When her family faced a financial crisis, Mumtaz agreed to act in films as a junior artist and started appearing in group-scenes, at a very young age.

Great Indian Actress Mumtaz appeared in front the of the camera in V. Shantaram’s Stree and Sehra but she went almost unnoticed.Mumtaz, as an adult her first role was that of the role of sister of the heroin O. P. Ralhan’s Gehra Daag. Mumtaz then got the lead role in Pathan being made by Ataullah Khan, Madhubala’s father, but the film remained incomplete. In early 1960’s there was a union of the artists playing extras in films in Bombay and every junior artist had to sell a part of their income to this union. From 1958-1964 she was only an extra in Hindi films in films like Vallah Kya Baat Hai. Too young to be cast as leading lady, she started with bit roles only, but was not missed, and gradually graduated to lead roles in low budget B grade movies with Dara Sing as a hero  With Dara Sing.

Great Indian Actress Mumtaz had 10 hit films of the 16 they did together from 1964-68. Mumtaz got the roles of supporting actress in A grade hit films like Sehra, Kaajal, Khandaan, Sawan Ki Ghata, Anpad, Hamraaz Pyar Kiye Jaa, Pati Patni, Mere Sanam, Suraj, Patthar Ke Sanam, Ram Aur Shyam, and Brahmachari. Then she was signed opposite Rajesh Khanna in Do Raaste in 1969. After a release of Aradhana, Rajesh Khanna had become the superstar and his next 2 releases were Do Raate and Bandhan both with Mumtaz as his heroine. After the release of these 2 films, Mumtaz became the highest paid Hindi actress from 1970-1976. She was extremely versatile, beautiful, charming, and stole everybody’s heart by her captivating looks and inspired performances in each of her films. Great Indian Actress Mumtaz quickly out-shadowed and dethroned the established queens in a very short time because of her histrionics. Mumtaz was sensitive, quick to understand and translate every nuance hinted at, onto the screen. Even in her brief roles against established actresses, she was the one who got noticed more and lingered in viewers memories for longer periods.

Great Indian Heroine was extremely versatile, beautiful, charming, and stole everybody’s heart by her captivating looks and inspired performances in each of her films. Great Indian Actress Mumtaz quickly out-shadowed and dethroned the established queens in a very short time because of her histrionics. Mumtaz was sensitive, quick to understand and translate every nuance hinted at, onto the screen. Even in her brief roles against established actresses, she was the one who got noticed more and lingered in viewers memories for longer periods.

Great Indian Actress acted in more than 100 films during a short career span of 14 years, and there is not even a single film in which her performance could not be termed as excellent. In her very first film with significant banner and role, Khilona (1970), she won the most coveted Filmfare award in 1970. She has also been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Filmfare in 1997. She was in the Marilyn Monroe mold; every man’s fantasy woman. She outshone everybody because of the simple reason that she was so versatile that every role appeared as if it was written with just Mumtaz in mind. Whether the role was negative or positive, serious or light, she proved her worth. Whether the role was for an urbanite or rustic, majestic or pauper, innocent or vile, gentle or venomous, coy or flaunting, Mumtaz just fitted them like a glove. The public adulation for her is still strong. The response to the continuous spate of screening of her movies on various television channels, even after more than two decades of her self-retirement, proves her tremendous unending popularity due to her incomparable charisma.

On July 31, 1947, Abdul Sameed Askari and Sardar Begum Habib Agha, both of Iranian origin but settled in Bombay, India, were blessed with a daughter, who they decided to name Mumtaz, who would be sister to Malika, and step-sister to Shazhath and Sharook and cousin of villain Roopesh Kumar

Great Indian Actress Mumtaz only Filmi connections were through her actress sister, Malika, which soon ended when Malika got married and quit Bollywood.

Great Indian Actor Mumtaz first starred as a child artiste in 1952 in ‘Sanskar’. Thereafter she appeared in ‘Yasmin’, ‘Stree’, ‘Wallah Kya Baat Hai’, ‘Main Shaadi Karne Chala’, ‘Dr. Vidya’, ‘Sehra’, ‘Rustom Sohrab’ and ‘Mujhe Jeene Do’.

Great Indian Actress first role as an adult was in 1963 ‘Gehra Daag’. Thereafter she starred opposite Dara Singh in ‘Faulad’. This heralded to the public at large that Mumtaz had arrived. Her career, in just over a decade, would span close to 115 movies. Opposite Dara Singh – Faulad, Veer Bhimsen, Samson, Hercules, Tarzan Comes to Delhi, Sikandar E Azam, Rustom-E-Hind, Raaka, Boxer, Daku Mangal Singh were successful. She became the top paid B grade film heroine in period 1963-1968 and earned 2.5 lakhs per film she starred with Dara Singh.

Between the years 1963 through to 1977 Great Indian Actress Mumtaz is remembered for her roles in ‘Roti’, ‘Dushman’, ‘Sacha Jhutha’ ‘Prem Kahani’, ‘Aap Ki Kasam’, ‘Bandhan’ & ‘Do Raaste’ opposite , Rajesh Khanna; an award-winning performance in ‘Khilona’ opposite Sanjeev Kumar; ‘Chor Machaye Shor’ with Shashi Kapoor; ‘Jheel Ke Us Paar’, ‘Loafer’ & ‘Mere Hamdam Mere Dost’ with Dharmendra; ‘Apradh’ opposite Feroz Khan; ‘Tangewala’ opposite Rajendra Kumar; ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ & ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ with Dev Anand; ‘Upasana’ & ‘Mela’ with Sanjay Khan; ‘Humnjoli’ with Jeetendra; ‘Brahmachari’ opposite Shammi Kapoor; ‘Hamraaz’ with Raaj Kumar; ‘Ram Aur Shyam’ with Dilip Kumar.

Whether Great Indian Actress Mumtaz played a child artist, a vamp, a character actress, or the leading lady, Mumtaz gave the role her very best, and thus carved a name for herself in the minds of her fans, viewers, and movie makers.

Great Indian heroine Mumtaz won the Best Actress award for her character as Chand in ‘Khilona’ during 1970, and in 1996 went to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Great Indian Actress Mumtaz quit Bollywood after she married Mayur Madhwani in 1974 but left India only after completing her films opposite Rajesh Khanna in 1976 and thereafter relocated to Britain. There she gave birth to two daughters, Natasha and Tanya.

In 2006 Great Indian Actress Mumtaz was again in the headlines in India when Natasha got married to Feroz Khan’s son, Fardeen Khan.

Great Indian Actress Mumtaz:-
    • Origin: Iranian
    • Mother: Sardar Begum Habib Agha
    • Father: Abdul Sameed Askari
    • Her daughter, Natasha, married Bollywood actor, Fardeen Khan, in January 2006.
    • Her daughters: Natasha and Tanya.
    • In-law of Hrithik Roshan.
    • The family hails from Shiraz, Iran.
    • In-law of Feroz Khan.
    • Mother-in-Law of Fardeen Khan.
    • Mumtaz was paired opposite Dara Singh in 16 films and 10 were box office hits.
    • From late 1976 she left India and stayed in UK/Uganda as a homemaker: Her marriage took place in 1974 but she stayed back in India till 1976 to complete her film shootings. [May 1974]
    • Cousin of actress Naseem. (Kabhi Kabhie).
    • Her filmography is often mixed up with actress Mumtaz Begum, Mumtaz Ali (Mehmood’s Father) and Minoo Mumtaz ( Mehmood’s sister). This mix up is due to all the mentioned actors having similar names.
    • Daughter Tanya is married to Marco Cilia.
    • Daughter Natasha was born on April 4, 1977.
    • Daughter Natasha received an offer to be launched from Dev Anand. Mumtaz declined as she said her husband was against his daughters acting.
    • Was engaged to Yash Chopra.
    • Was engaged to Dara Singh.
    • Daughter Tanya was born in October of 1980.
      • Daughter Tanya was approached for the film Maine Dil Tujhko Diya. When Sohail realized she had a very heavy accent when she spoke Hindi, he dropped the idea. Feroz Khan was also considering Tanya for Janasheen. He too later opted for another heroine.


    • Was engaged to Shammi Kapoor.

Personal Quotes:

I feel blessed to have worked with Rajesh Khanna. Had it not been for him, I would have been never considered as an actress who can do lead roles. Bandhan and Do Raaste were two films I was shooting with Rajesh Khanna before Kaka got the superstar status. Once Aradhana released and well known senior critics hailed him as the first superstar of India ever. Subsequently, our two films got released and became platinum jubilee hits and since I played his romantic interest in both these films, I began getting plum roles from then on as the lead actress. From being a supporting actress in A grade films and being a lead heroine in B grade films, after I got paired with Superstar Rajesh Khanna I became the highest paid actress from 1969-1975.

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Great Indian Cine heroin


Great Indian Cine heroin Madhubala
Great Indian Cine heroin Madhubala

Great Indian Heroine Arguably the most beautiful artiste to ever grace the Indian screen, Madhubala rose from humble beginnings to become the most captivating star India has ever produced. Madhubala was born Mumtaz Jehan Begum on Valentine’s Day 1933, in a poor, conservative family of Pathan Muslims in Delhi, a part of a prolific brood of sisters, and entered the world of films at the tender age of eight. After about five years of playing child roles, Madhubala got her first break in a lead role in Neel Kamal (1947), produced and directed by her mentor, veteran filmmaker Kidar Sharma. At the age of 14.

Great Indian Actress Madhubala played a romantic lead against another fledgling star, Raj Kapoor, and Madhubala had finally arrived on the Indian screen. Over the next two years she had blossomed into a truly rapturous beauty (which earned her the sobriquet of the Venus Of the Indian Screen) and with the movie Mahal (1949), literally overnight, she was a Great Indian superstar.

It has been often said that her beauty overshadowed her acting talents, which to an extent is true; however, this was more due to poor judgment than lack of talent. Being encumbered by a large family to support, and forever living under the domination of an imperious father who, Great Indian Heroine made several poor choices in movies which seriously undermined her credibility as a serious performer, to the extent of being labeled “box-office poison”. However, her more or less dismal repertoire in the 50s was marked by spots of true brilliance – movies like Tarana (1951), Mr. & Mrs. ’55 (1955) and of course her swan song Mughal-E-Azam (1960) showcased her remarkable talents as a serious artiste across several genres and revealed what this ethereal beauty was truly capable of.

Sadly, Great Indian Heroine was plagued by a persistent heart disease that confined her to a bed for almost nine torturous years and eventually claimed her life on February 23, 1969, nine days after her 36th birthday. In this short life, she had made over 70 movies, and to this day remains one of the most enduring legends of Indian cinema.

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Great Indian Heroine Madhubala-

    • Daughter of Attaullah Khan.
    • Formed a popular screen couple with Dev Anand Dilip Kumar.
    • Screen name Madhubala gave to her by veteran actress Devika Rani.
    • After she was diagnosed as having a hole in her heart, she put on a brave face and her illness was kept a secret from the industry for many years.
    • She frequently used to cough up blood on sets, and eventually, her illness forced her to end her career.
      • She and Dilip Kumar met on the set of Tarana (1951) when she was eighteen-years-old. While filming, she sent her hairdresser with a note written in Urdu along with a red rose to ask him to accept it if he loved her, which intrigued and amused him and so he accepted the rose.


    • She and Dilip Kumar had a seven-year courtship, but abruptly ended when she could not face her father’s opposition to Dilip and ultimately had to bow out of B.R. Chopra’s film opposite him following a scandalous court case.
    1. Great Indian Heroine Madhubala was proposed to by Bharat Bhushan, Pradeep Kumar, and Kishore Kumar. She eventually married the latter of the three, Kishore, who converted to Islam to marry her. Sister of Chanchal.


    1. Great Indian Heroine Madhubala Sister in -law actor/ music composer _Brij Bhushan Sahni_. (Partner of youngest sister _Madhur Bhushan).


  1. Great Indian Heroine Madhubala Sister _Madhur Bhushan_ was a playback singer. She sang in Kissa Kursee Kaa for more details contact…

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Great Indian Cine heroin


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Great Indian Actress Hema Malini
Great Indian Actress Hema Malini
Great Indian Actress Hema Malini was born in the Tamil-speaking Chakravarthy household on October 16, 1948, in Ammankudi, Tamil Nadu. Her dad’s name is V.S.R. Chakravarthy and her mom, Jaya, was a film producer. She was enrolled in the Chennai-based Andhra Mahila Sabha.

After performing as a dancer in a 1961 regional movie, she was rejected by Tamil Director, C.V.Sridhar, during 1964 when she first attempted to act, on the grounds that she was too thin to be the heroine in Venniradai and the role went to Venniradai Nirmala. Later, Great Indian Actress, Hema Malini performed in the song Singara Therukku Selena sung by Seergazhi Govindarajan and L.R.Eshwari as a supporting actor from the 1963 Tamil film Idhu Sathiyam starring S.A.Asokan as the hero. But Hema persisted, debuted opposite Raj Kapoor in ‘Sapnon Ka Saudagar’ just 4 years after her rejection but the movie was a flop.

  • Thereafter there has no been looking back for this attractive Libran, who went to star in close to 155 movies; who also produced and directed two movies, and also directed a TV serial ‘Noopur’.
  • After turning down marriage proposals from Sanjeev Kumar and Jeetendra, she met with the hot fellow actor, Dharmendra, both were attracted to each other and wanted to get married. Dharmendra, who was already married to Prakash Kaur, and had two sons, Sunny and Bobby, could not marry Hema as Prakash refused to divorce him. According to the Hindu Marriage Act, a Hindu cannot marry a second time while the first wife is still alive. Dharmendra belongs to an Arya Samaj Hindu Punjabi Jatt family.

Great Indian Actress had a hit on-screen pairing with Dharmendra, Shashi Kapoor and Dev Anand in the 70’s and, post-marriage, she had 8 hits opposite Rajesh Khanna in 1980-87. Dharmendra Hema Malini was paired in lead roles romantically in 31 films but have worked in 35 films. Of them, 20 were hits and 15 were flops. Interestingly Rajesh Khanna-Hema Malini pair had 2 hits in early 70’s and then 3 unfortunate flops in late 70’s after which pair was written off but in the eighties, they gave 8 blockbusters as a pair. In all Hema has 10 hits with Rajesh Khanna.

  • On August 21, 1979, both Hema and Dharmendra converted to Islam, changed their names to Aisha Bi R. Chakravarty and Dilawar Khan Kewal Krishna respectively, and got married in accordance with Islamic rites. Three years after their marriage, Hema subsequently gave birth to Esha and then later to Ahana. Esha is an actress in her own rights. The trio, well proficient in the arts of Bharatnatyam dance form, have performed together at a number of dance events and concerts.

Great Indian Actress Hema is a member of the right-winged Bharatiya Janata Party and became a member of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian Parliament.

Great Indian Actress was amongst the first actresses to wear bell-bottom and shirts in Hindi movies and is also amongst the few who have kept their word of not wearing any revealing outfits in public. Hema, who is also called ‘Dream Girl’ continues to act in movies as of 2013.

    1. The 5th Tamil speaking actress after Anjali Devi, Vyjayanthimala, Padmini, Waheeda Rehman to become a major Hindi film star. Ironically, Hema’s career almost ended before it began. She worked as a background dancer in 2 Tamil films in 1963. C.V.Shridhar, director threw her out of the Tamil film Veniradai he was directing, saying she was too thin. The role which Hema was given was the role which was subsequently done by Venidradai Nirmala. Then made her debut only in 1968 in Hindi.
    1. Great Indian Actress Hema Malini began her Hindi film career opposite Raj Kapoor in Sapnon Ka Saudagar(1968) where she became labeled the “Dream Girl” which was a promotion strategy to promote the film, however, Saponin Ka Saudagar was a flop. She had a glorious reign as a leading actress during 1970-85. She had 18 hits and 15 flops opposite Dharmendra. She had 5 hits of 10 films she did with Shashi Kapoor from 1969-87. She had 10 hits opposite Rajesh Kannan of 15 films from 1971-91. Great Indian Actress won the Filmfare Best Actress award for Seeta Aur Geeta (1972), but in the early 80’s, her only hits were opposite Rajesh Khanna where she had 8 hits opposite Rajesh after her marriage and later she decided to concentrate on ‘character’ roles, often those with feminist undertones.
    • In the book “Hema Malini: The Authorized Biography,” (2007) she revealed that both actors Jeetendra and Sanjeev Kumar proposed marriage to Hema, but it was Dharmendra, with whom she formed a hugely successful on-screen couple, that won her hand in the end. She defied the conventional norm at the time by becoming his second wife and continuing to work after having children.
    • In an effort to re-establish herself as a classical dancer (she is an expert Bharatnatyam dancer), she directed TV serials such as Noopur (1990) and “Women of India” in 1996.
      1. Great Indian Actress Hema Malini was awarded the ‘Padma Bhushan’ in 1999 for her contribution to Indian Cinema.


      1. Great Indian Actress Hema Malini Born in the village Ammankudi, located in the District of Trichy, Tamil Nadu, to V.S. Ramanujam Chakravarti and Jaya Chakravarti.


      1. Set up a Natya Vihar Kalakendra, an institution dedicated to create, spread and present the age-old Indian mythological themes from the epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other ancient scriptures through the medium of dance.


      1. In 2003 was nominated to the Rajya Sabha (Parliament of India), serving on the Committee of External Affairs as an MP. In 2004, actress-turned-politician Hema formally joined the BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party).


      1. Served as Chairperson of the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) from 2000-2003.


      1. Only for purposes of marriage, she converted to Islam, changed her name to Aisha Bi R. Chakravarty, and Dharmendra converted his name into Dilawar Khan. They married on August 21, 1979.


      1. Rajesh Khanna-Hema Malini pair had 2 hits in early 70’s, but due to 3 failures in the 1975-1970 period, the producers were reluctant to cast them as a pair. After Hema got married, her only box office hits in the eighties were opposite Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra only. Hema Malini had 8 blockbusters opposite Rajesh Khanna, after getting married in real life, as a pair from 1980-91 Bandish, Kudrat, Dard, Rajput, Hum Dono, Babu, Sitapur Ki Geeta and Durgaa where Khanna had a special appearance.


      1. Great Indian Actress Hema Malini had 6 hits of the 12 she did opposite Jeetendra from 1970-87.


      1. Great Indian Actress Hema Malini was highest paid Hindi actress along-with Zeenat Aman from 1976-1980 and 2nd highest paid Hindi actress with Zeenat from 1982-85 and 4th highest paid Hindi actress from 1971-1975.


      1. Great Indian Actress Hema performed in the song Singara Therukku Selai sung by Seergazhi Govindarajan and L.R.Eshwari as a supporting actor from the 1963 Tamil film Idhu Sathiyam starring S.A.Asokan as the hero.


      1. Great Indian Actress Hema had 5 hits of the 10 films opposite Shashi Kapoor from 1969-87.


      1. Great Indian Actress Hema had opposite Dev Anand – 3 hits of 7 films with Dev Anand from 1970-2003.


      1. Great Indian Actress Hema regards Shashi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, and Dev Anand to be her favorite co-stars.


    1. Great Indian Actress Hema regards her own favorite films to be Lal Patthar, Abhinetri, Johnny Mera Naam, Amir Garib, Prem Nagar, Dillagi, Kinara, Sholay, Seeta Aur Geeta, Mehbooba, Kudrat, Hum Dono, Rajput, Baghlan.
  • CV Shridhar had rejected her for the Tamil film Venniradai(1965) in 1964 and her role went to actress Nirmala. Later Sridhar directed her in Gehri Chaal.
  • Dharmendra Hema Malini was paired in lead roles romantically in 31 films but have worked in 35 films. Of them, had 20 hits namely – Sharafat, Tum Haseen Main Jawan, Seeta Aur Geeta,Raja Jani, Jugnu, Dost, Patthar Aur Payal, Pratigya, Sholay, Charas, Dream Girl, Chacha Batija, Khel Khilari Ka, Azaad, Ali Baba Aur 40 Chor, Bhagavat, Rajput, Raaj Tilak, Jaan Hatheli Pe and one more films had them in guest appearance – Choti Si Baat which was a hit. Their 15 flops include – Naya Zamana,Maa, Kinara, Dillagi, Dil Ka Heera, Aas Paas, Do Dishayen, The Burning Train, Krodhi,Samraat, Razia Sultan, Tell Me O Khuda and the films where the pair was together for less time – Kehte Hai Mujhko Raja, Phandebaaz, Meharbaani were flops.
  • Aunt to Ramandep Arya and Randeep Arya. Actor Veerendra’s children. Veerendra is the cousin of Dharmendra.
  • Dev Anand wanted to launch the youngest daughter Ahana Deol in a film titled “Beauty Queen”. Hema declined the offer.
  • Brothers are producers R.K.Chakravarti and R.J.Chakravarti (Jagannath).
  • Niece name is Suchi Chakravarti. Daughter of R.K. Chakravarti.
  • Niece name is Nandita Chakravarti. She is the daughter of her brother R.K.Chakravarti (Kannan) and sister-in-law Prabha. Nandita has received an award for her innovative ideas on how to beef up safety measures at international airports. She stood fourth in a competition on the same, held in the US and has been invited by Gresham, Smith, and Partners to help them reconstruct and terror-proof the Reno/Tahoe International Airport, Washoe County, Nevada, USA. Their design will focus on providing high security without compromising on the airports. She currently is a Mobile UX Designer at eBay, She also has her own website
  • Cousin Prabha Raghavan worked with her in Dil Aashna Hain.
  • Starred in the shelved film “Jazbaa” (1993). Starring Hema Malini, Sudesh Berry, Varsha Usgaonkar.
  • Daughter Ahana Deol starred in the shelved film “2nd Time Lucky”(2012), Starring Prateik Babbar, Ahana Deol, Produced and Directed by Shoojit Sarkar.
  • Did a stage show in the Fiji Islands in 1986. Accompanied by her was Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Helen, Asrani and Prem Chopra. A young Ranbir Kapoor also made an appearance on stage. All concerts held in Fiji were sold out.
  • Cousin of actress Madhoo. Madhoo is mistakenly listed as Hema Malini’s niece on several websites. This is wrong . Madhoo’s father, producer P Raghunath is Hema Malini’s uncle.
Personal Quotes (2)
    1. My interest was dance and, in the beginning, I didn’t enjoy acting at all. It was my mother who brought me into films and who looked after my career. I remember each time a producer came to meet her, my only reaction was, ‘Oh God, another year of my life gone.’
  1. I became famous to audiences and various producers thanks to Jhonny Mera Naam and Andaz. I remember how difficult it was to shoot for the song Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana because Kaka’s fans would turn up in heavy numbers wherever he went. I am very lucky to have done 15 films with the superstar and to have 10 commercial hits with him.

Mother of Esha Deol and Ahana Deol. Step-mother of Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. Daughter of Jaya Chakravarthy. for more information

Great Indian Cine heroin

Aishwarya Rai

Great Indian Cine heroin Aishwarya Rai
       Great Indian Cine heroin Aishwarya Rai

Great Indian born into a traditional south Indian family, Aishwarya started modeling at a young age. This green-blue-eyed beauty appeared in advertisements for many prestigious firms; the ones that brought her into the limelight were the garden sari and the Pepsi ad. Crowned Miss India 1994 runner-up, she was a hot favorite in the run for miss world title, which she won, her beauty and charm made her India’s darling. Ash stormed into the Indian movie industry, where she has proven herself a brilliant & genuine actress.

Her performance in Iruvar (1997) was critically acclaimed, and she won the Screen best female debutant award for her role in …Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (1997). She was adored in movies like Taal (1999), Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999), Devdas (2002), her item number in ‘Bunty & Bubbly’ had sent waves of rhythm across the nation. With her successful Bollywood movies and prestigious Hollywood projects lined up for release, it is impossible to ignore this Indian diva in international scenes.

See this video

Great Indian Actress Aishwarya was an architecture student before she entered modeling as her part-time job. She was best known for her Pepsi commercial with Mahima Chaudhry. With her green-gray eyes, she was already approached by big names in India’s film industry, where they offered her starring roles. She rejected the film offers since she aimed to be an architect. However, fate had other things in store for her after she was crowned Miss World 1994. Soon after her winning, again she received offers to star in movies. In Southern India, she was best known for her role as Madhumita/Vaishnavi in Jeans (1998) and as Meenakshi in Kandukondain Kandukondain (2000). She won the Filmfare Award for best actress for her performance in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999) as Ajay Devgn’s wife who is in love with another man. She also received rave reviews for her performance as a rape victim in Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai (2000).

Great Indian Actress Miss world Aishwarya Rai (Ash) is one of Bollywood’s pre-eminent leading ladies. This Indian darling burst upon the world stage when her striking beauty, poise, and commanding intelligence won her the Miss World crown in 1994. This former architecture major soon became one of India’s most famous models, landing a prestigious Pepsi-Cola campaign and appearing in Vogue Magazine. India’s top Bollywood directors were soon lining up to work with Ash. Her film debut in Mani Ratnam’s Iruvar (1997) received critical acclaim and her performance in …Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (1997), directed by Rahul Rawail, garnered her the Best Female Debutante Award. In 2000 she was awarded Best Actress by FilmFare and Zee Cine for her work in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999) in that same year, nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her special appearance in Aditya Chopra’s Mohabbatein (2000). In 2001 Ash was nominated for FilmFare’s Best Actress Award for Satish Kaushik’s Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai (2000).

Great Indian Actress Ash’s star continued to rise in 2002, working again with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Devdas(2002), the most ambitious and most successful film in Bollywood history. It became the first Bollywood picture to receive a special screening at that year’s Cannes Film Festival and broke box-office records in India and the US.

Great Indian Actress Aish had even more exciting opportunities in 2003. She became the first Indian actor to be a member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival. She is also the latest member of the elite L’Oreal Dream Team, joining renowned international beauties Catherine Deneuve and Andie MacDowell as L’Oreal’s international ambassador. She graced the covers of India Today and the prestigious TIME Magazine, which also listed her on their list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World Today”. She has graced numerous covers worldwide including the US, UK, China, Russia, Israel, United Emirates, Italy, Spain, and France. Ash was also listed on Rolling Stone Magazine’s annual “Hot List”, Hello Magazine’s ‘Most Attractive Women in the World”, Stuff Magazine, FHM magazine, V-Life from Variety Magazine, GQ Magazine, New York Times Magazine, Harper’s & Queen and countless others. In 2004 Aishwarya took on the leading role in her first English-language film: Gurinder Chadha’s Bride & Prejudice (2004). She also became the first Indian female to be immortalized in wax at the world-famous Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in London.

Great Indian Actress Aish began 2005 with appearances on 60 Minutes (1968), Late Show with David Letterman (1993) and the most watched television program in the world: “Oprah” (1972). Her career continued to grow with roles in The Mistress of Spices (2005) for director Paul Mayeda Berges, Jag Mundhra’s Provoked: A True Story (2006), Sanjay Gadhvi’s Dhoom 2(2006) and legendary producer Dino De Laurentiis’ The Last Legion (2007) opposite Colin Firth and Sir Ben Kingsley and a comic turn as the villainess in Steve Martin’s The Pink Panther 2 (2009).

Great Indian Actress Aish
    1. Miss World 1994.
    2. Wanted to study medicine, but circumstances prevented her.
    3. Was offered Rani Mukerji’s role in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998).
    4. Runner-up, Miss India 1994.
    5. Ambassador (spokesperson) for Longines watches since 1999.
    6. Daughter of Vrinda Rai.
    7. Sister of Aditya Rai.
      • In April 2003, Great Indian Actress Aishwarya suffered an accident on the sets of Khakee (2004) when a car driven by a stuntman got out of control, hit her, took her down a crevice, and slammed her into a cactus plant. She broke a bone in one foot and suffered severe cuts, and she was rushed to a hospital. The incident rekindled the discussion about poor safety standards on Bollywood film sets.


      • The first Indian actress to be on the jury of the Cannes International Film Festival.


      • Great Indian Actress made over 50 music videos in only seven years.


      • Despite the fact that she is adorned with jewelry in her music videos and movies, she is apparently not too fond of it.


      • Created a frenzy at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival when she arrived at the premiere of her film Devdas (2002) in a coach and wearing a beautiful yellow-orange-embroidered sari.


      • she Was originally cast in the role of Jwala in the film Mangal Pandey: The Rising (2005), but dropped out before filming started due to contract problems. The role was later given to Ameesha Patel. Loves collecting watches.


      • Made Great Indian Actress first commercial for Camlin pencils when she was in the 9th grade.


      • Was the face of Coca-Cola South Asia as well as the Middle East.


      • Great Indian Actress Has achieved iconic status all over South Asia.


      • Great Indian Actress Is featured in the 2004 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.


      • In a poll conducted by Hello magazine, Great Indian Actress was voted the number-one attractive woman of 2003, beating actresses such as Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Gwyneth Paltrow.


      • In April 2003, L’Oréal signed her as its new international brand ambassador (spokesperson).


      • The first Bollywood star to appear in Rolling Stone magazine. (Issue 932, October 2, 2003).


      • Gained 20 pounds for Bride & Prejudice (2004) because she didn’t want her character to look like a supermodel and also felt that it would add a sense of realism to the character.


      • Is an ethnic Bunt, like fellow actors Shilpa Shetty and Sunil Shetty. The Bunts are a South Indian community from Mangalore who mainly speaks Tulu, which is Aishwarya’s mother tongue.


      • Turned down the lead in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (2003). The role was given to Gracy Singh.


      • Turned down the role of Mastani in the film Bajirao Mastani (2015).


    • The first movie star she ever met was Rekha. Aishwarya was still in high school at the time and was a model. While at a grocery store with her mother, Aishwarya was tapped on the shoulder by none other than Rekha herself. Rekha recognized Aishwarya from her modeling ads. She complimented the young Aishwarya on her good looks and wished her all the best.
      1. Great Indian Actress Is fluent in the languages English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Urdu.


      1. Was originally intended for the role of Priya in the film Chalte Chalte (2003).


      1. Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are the only stars to advertise for both Coca-Cola and Pepsi.


    1. Before Great Indian Actress was famous, she auditioned to do voice-dubbing for a television serial and was rejected.
    • Shah Rukh Khan recommended her to play Kaurwaki in the film Ashoka the Great (2001). But the director wanted to cast someone who hadn’t already been paired with Shahrukh as a leading lady.
    • After winning the title of Miss World in 1994, the host of the event, Richard Steinmetz, actually asked Aishwarya out. But being a professional, she refused right away.
    • Sued the magazine Star and Style for a sum of Rs 20 million (2 crores) for printing an article claiming that actress Raveena Tandon had caught her and Akshay Kumar in a compromising position at the poolside of a five- star hotel.
    • During the filming of the song ‘Dola Re Dola’ from the movie Devdas (2002), Aishwarya’s ears were bleeding because to the heavy earrings, she had to wear, but she continued to perform anyway.
    • Is a trained classical dancer. She learned classical dance and music for five years while in her teens.
    • Has a puppy named The Sunshine, which was given to her as a gift by friend Vivek Oberoi.
    • Won the title of Miss Photogenic in the 1994 Miss World Pageant.
    • Has won over 100 awards since 1994 when she was 20.
    • Is good friends with actress Preity Zinta.
    • Has gained a cult following in Pakistan.
    • Was listed by Time magazine as one of 100 most influential people in the world (The 2004 TIME 100).
    • Ran the Olympic-torch relay in June 2004.
    • Turned down a role in The Myth (2005) due to her touring schedule. The role was eventually given to Mallika Sherawat.
    • Has refused to work with Salman Khan after their break-up, in spite of several offers.
    • Has over 17,000 Web sites dedicated to her.
    • In 2004, Aishwarya became the first Bollywood and Indian actress to have her own statue at London’s Madame Tussauds museum.
    • On January 2nd, 2005, she became the first Indian actress to be interviewed on 60 Minutes (1968).
    • Voted #9 in Harpers and Queen magazine’s list of the 100 most beautiful women of today. (Harpers and Queen, June 6, 2005)
    • A tulip produced in 2005 was named for her.
    • Member of the jury at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.
    • When Oprah Winfrey saw Aishwarya’s interview on 60 Minutes (1968), she was so fascinated by her that she got a hold of Ash and invited her to be a guest on her show. On April 25, 2005, Aishwarya became the first Indian and South Asian actress to be featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986).
    • Turned down a small role as Briseis in the film Troy (2004).
    • Director Andy Tennant offered her a small part in Hitch (2005), but she was busy filming Bride and Prejudice at the time.
    • Turned down the role of Anna in A Sublime Love Story: Barsaat (2005).


  • In the summer of 2005, Mattel released limited-edition Barbie dolls inspired by Aishwarya and her costumes. They were released only in Britain and sold out within minutes. These dolls are now considered rare collectibles among fans.
    1. Great Indian Actress Ishwarya favorite film is Casablanca (1942).
    1. Great Indian Actress Was voted number 12 on VH1’s 50 Sexiest Actresses of the Last 20 Years. (December 2005)
    1. Roger Ebert has said he considers her the most beautiful actress in the world.
    1. Great Indian Actress Was voted as E’s 7th sexiest celebrity in the world.
    1. The first actress from India to get signed on with the American Library Association and also have a poster made of her for schools and libraries all across America.
    1. Was originally signed on to play the part of Simmi in Bluffmaster! (2005), but was replaced without any notice by Priyanka Chopra. Director Rohan Sippy then gave Aishwarya a “special thanks” in the end credits as an apology.
    1. Turned down the part of Sandhya in Saamna (2006).
    1. When President George W. Bush visited India in March 2006, he invited Aishwarya, along with Aamir Khan, to a luncheon. Aishwarya could not attend because she was in Brazil at the time filming for Dhoom 2 (2006).
    1. Was considered for the role of Priya in Krrish (2006).
    1. Turned down the lead in Corporate (2006) because she didn’t have any dates available for filming. The role was given to Bipasha Basu.
    1. In mid-2001, Aishwarya started work on two films titled Radheshyam Seetaram and Hum Panchhi Ek Daal Ke. For reasons unknown, filming stopped on these films in February 2002. Filming was never completed and the films have now been shelved. The only glimpse of the movies that exist for the public to see are photographs from the sets and publicity shots.
    1. Performed to an audience of 85,000 in Melbourne, Australia at the closing ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games with 800 backup dancers. (March 2006)
    1. Was cast in a small role in Lajja (2001), but was dropped because there were already too many major stars in the film.
    1. When Karan Johar asked Aishwarya on his talk show which film she wishes she could have been a part of, she responded Khamoshi: The Musical (1996).
    1. Great Indian Actress Is the second Indian actress to appear on the cover of TIME magazine in 2003. The first was Parveen Babi in 1976.
    1. Featured in People Magazine as one of the 100 Most Beautiful People in the World. (Issue May,8,2006)
    1. Was considered for the role of Kalyani in Water (2005).
    1. Got her education at Arya Vidya Mandir and DG Ruparel College, both in Bombay, India. She was also accepted into Raheja College of Architecture in Bombay but never went.
    1. Good friends with fellow Indian superstar and icon, Madhuri Dixit. The two worked together in the super-hit and widely acclaimed Devdas.
    1. Listed as number 3 of ‘Top Bollywood Actresses’ of 2006. (, 8-25- 2006)
    1. Caused a day-long traffic jam in Dubai, United Arab Emirates while filming a soap commercial. People would stop for hours just to catch a glimpse of their favorite actress. (September 5, 2006)
    1. Listed #3 by UK magazine Eastern Eye one of “Asia’s Sexiest Women” (Sept/ 2006).
    1. Great Indian Actress Is the most photographed woman in India.
    1. Great Indian Actress was the first choice for the role of Jane Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), but she turned it down due to filming conflicts.
    1. Great Indian Actress secured 90% marks in HSC at Ruparel college in Mumbai.
    1. Her Pepsi ad with Aamir Khan was shot in one night during the infamous Bombay riots.
    1. Great Indian Actress Has been in seven movies with now-husband Abhishek Bachchan, more than with any other actor.
    1. Great Indian Actress Came in #1 on Magazine’s list of “Top 10 Actresses of 2006”.
    1. Turned down the part of Malvika Talwar in Baabul (2006).
    1. In January 2007, she announced that she has accepted a marriage proposal from current boyfriend, actor Abhishek Bachchan.
  1. Great Indian Actress Is often referred to as “the most beautiful woman in the world”.
    • In 2005, Hugh M. Hefner attempted to create and the Indian version of Playboy for India, which would feature South Asian women and Indian pop culture articles, but no nudity. He wanted to have Aishwarya on the cover of the first issue. The magazine was rejected.
    • Twice turned down the lead in the Hindi version of Chandramukhi (2005).
    • Great Indian Actress was invited in 2005 to be a presenter at The 77th Annual Academy Awards (2005), but was unable to attend because she was busy filming for The Mistress of Spices (2005).
    • Great Indian Actresses active in various charities and often visits orphanages.
    • Great Indian Actress Her favorite Western designer is Giorgio Armani. Whenever she is in London, clothes are taken to her hotel for her to choose from.
    • Great Indian Actress Is the second of five Indian women to win the Miss World title. The first was Reita Faria, who won in 1966. Others include Diana Hayden who won in 1997, Yukta Mookhey in 1999, and Priyanka Chopra in 2000.
    • Has appeared on more magazine covers worldwide than any other Bollywood or Indian star.
    • Director Brett Ratner is a fan of Aishwarya’s and he wanted her to be cast in Rush Hour 3(2007), but she turned down the offer.Was considered for the part of Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale (2006).
  • Great Indian Actress wax statue at Madame Tussauds Museum in London was borrowed by the museum in New York for six weeks. The statue was flown to New York and made its debut on August 15, 2007, making her the first Indian actress in the American version of the museum.
    1. About 15 kilos of henna was special ordered from Sojat in Rajasthan for the henna ceremony before her wedding.
    1. Her wedding invitations were embossed with two entwined As and delivered along with a box of chocolate meringues. Within the invitation was also a poem about new beginnings written by Amitabh Bachchan’s father and renowned poet Harivash Rai Bachchan.
    1. Her wedding ceremony lasted a total of three days. It was the most awaited and talked about wedding in years and the press followed it like Princess Diana’s wedding.
    1. For her 34th birthday, she went to go see Beyoncé Knowles in concert in Mumbai.
    1. Turned down the role of Neha in Dostana (2008) because she felt that her real-life marriage to Abhishek Bachchan wouldn’t work well for their characters.
    1. Forbes listed her in the 387th position out of 1,411 actors as the most bankable Indian star in Hollywood. (February 2009).
    1. The youngest actress to receive the Padma Shri award, the fourth highest civilian honor, from the Government of India for her contribution to cinema.
    1. Great Indian Actress, Aishwarya has won the esteemed V. Shantaram Award twice: 2009 Best Actress for Jodhaa Akbar (2008) and 2003 Best Actress for Devdas (2002).
    1. The V. Shantaram Award is voted on by members of the Directors Guild.
    1. Great Indian Actress Aishwarya is the first goodwill ambassador for Smile Train, a charity that works worldwide for children with cleft lip.
    1. Due to her popularity, a second wax statue of Aishwarya was added to Madame Tussauds in Blackpool, the UK in October 2011. This new statute took inspiration from Ash’s look at Cannes in an Ellie Saab gown. The previous one had Aishwarya’s statue draped in a sari. It was made exclusively for the Blackpool’s new Bollywood world tour.
  1. Gave birth to her first child at age 38, a daughter Aaradhya Bachchan on November 16, 2011. Child’s father is her husband, Abhishek Bachchan Will start her worldwide tour to perform alongside stars Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitley, Hrithik Roshan, and Fardeen Khan. [April 2004]
    • Released “Aishwarya’s Greatest Hits” on DVD containing 50 of her music videos to date. [May 2003]In October 1999, Feroz Khan signed her for his next “Qurbaan Tujh Pe Mere Jaan” co-starring Ajay Devgan and Fardeen Khan. The film was to be produced and directed by Feroz Khan. It was a love story set against the backdrop of the film industry. The film was announced but then shelved. After “Qurbaan Tujh Pe Mere Jaan” was shelved, Feroz Khan launched “Tera Saath Hain Kitna Pyaara” starring Aishwarya Rai and Fardeen Khan. It was to be produced and directed by Feroz Khan. The title was taken from a song by the same name from Feroz Khan’s earlier hit “Janbaaz”. This film too was also shelved after the announcement.
    • Feroz Khan was planning a film titled “Nasha” about the problems drugs are causing to society. It was to be produced and directed by Feroz Khan. The film was going to star Amitabh Bachchan, Feroz Khan, Fardeen Khan, and Lopsang. After Amitabh fell ill, Feroz shelved the idea and decided to start the Kurbani remake.
    • Starred in Vikram Bhatt’s Mulaqaat. Starring Himself, Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherjee, Chandrachur Singh. The film was shelved after a few days of shooting.
    • Starred in Kalpana Lajmi’s 2005 shelved film Singhasan. A political thriller.
    • Secretary Hari Singh’s daughter Bhumicka Singh, debuted as an actress in the movie Aap Ki Khatir (2006).
    • In 2004 she was going to produce a Hollywood movie along with Zachary Coffin (an actor in India). The film was titled “Windfall” and was based on the Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984. Aishwarya Rai was playing the role of Jasmine Singh, an NRI who returns to India to search for her father. Her father was the factory plant manager the night the massacre occurred. The film was shelved after the announcement.
  • Producer, actor Arif Khan (Anil Kapoor duplicate) was producing a film titled “Main Bana Chahti Hoon Aishwarya Rai”. The film was about a village girl who comes to Bombay then gets a chance to star in a music video. She then struggles to become a heroine. Aishwarya objected to the film’s title and wanted it changed. Arif then changed it to “Banke Rahoongi Aishwarya”. This was in 2004.
  • Aishwarya Rai was to pair opposite Ajay Devgan in a film that was to be produced by Amitabh Bachchan’s production company ABCL. The yet untitled project was be based on a family oriented subject with Jaya Bachchan playing Ash’s mother. It is learned that actor Vinod Khanna and Mrs. Bachchan play a separated couple in the movie. Amitabh Bachchan himself was not be seen acting in this film that was being produced by ABCL in association with Spice Team Entertainment. Sharbani Deodhar was directing the film. Amitabh Bachchan himself chose not to enact the lead role opposite Jaya because the two elderly characters in the movie are not shown married to one another. Vinod Khanna’s name for the role was suggested by the Big B only. The film was likely to go on floors in September 2005. It was being shot in Mumbai and London. The film was shelved after the announcement.

Personal Quotes (50)

Great Indian Actress Ishwarya Roi

      • I’m just an average woman with average concerns.


      • Life will take its toll on all of us. We get injured, we get old. It’s really sad to try to run away from these harsh realities of life. Looks are not everything. I am not going to look beautiful all the time.


      • You give to the world your greatest gift when you’re being yourself.


      • I believe that as an actress all my fears and phobias exist till I sign on the dotted line for a film.


      • I don’t believe in proving a point to anybody. Nobody is that important.


      • It’s strange that Rakesh Roshan thinks I look older than Hrithik Roshan. In fact, he’s approached me for all his home productions.


      • I always knew I would be successful. So there was no element of surprise.


      • I know for a fact that if there’s a role which I am suited for, I’ll be signed on. I’ll never go begging.


    • I only entered Miss India after pressure from friends and because I thought it would be a laugh.
  1. Comedy is difficult for an actor. But I think I have a good sense of humor and manage to make people laugh and make them happy.[on donating her eyes after death] People know me more because of my eyes. So I decided to donate my eyes. But before that, I acquired all the information about the campaign. Within what time after death one has to donate eyes, and all other information. Only then I decided to donate my eyes. It’s not that just for doing something, I donated my eyes. I found that useful so I did it. I like to do social service from my heart. Whatever is possible I do, but I don’t speak of that. But I would like to give more time to it in the near future.
  2. Women in the industry have been exploited very often, but there are some actors who believe that the shortcut to stardom is through nudity or exposure. Such success is, in fact, very short-lived.
  3. I have never done a kissing scene nor do I have intentions to.
  4. [About Chaos (2006)] When this came to be early this year, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to work with Meryl Streep, someone I’ve always admired. In all my interviews 10 years ago people used to ask who is your favorite actor and actress and I would mention ‘Robert de Niro’ and Meryl Streep. On my first trip there I met up with De Niro and my first film is with Meryl Streep, and I said, “Oh God that’s really, really cool. Really wonderful.”
  5. Ever since I went to the Cannes festival, the media overseas really encouraged me to consider the possibilities of working in the West. Then I got a call from some people who worked in the business in America, who asked me to first obviously get an agent so that they could have direct access because that’s the way they work.
  6. [About turning down the role opposite Jackie Chan in The Myth (2005)] I did not have the required dates as I was busy with the shows abroad. I had to turn down the film. I have no regrets because there is always the next time.
      1. Indian cinema has begun to be recognized globally. And it’s very important for us to make our presence felt at important events such as Cannes. I feel there should be more Indian representation at festivals. India is producing such a large cross-section of films. We need to be part of world cinema, and we need to do that now.


      1. Someone asked me why I’m politically correct, even when people hit out so openly at me. But the truth is, I’ve never been brought up to behave any other way. I can’t say anything hurtful about anyone. I just don’t believe in saying mean things. I won’t feel good doing that. It’s strange why being well behaved is perceived as being too “proper” and said. This is the way I am. I’m amazed at how many people feel good hitting out at me. They’re welcome to do it. Earlier, they had more leeway to deny their indiscretions in print. But now on television, they look pretty ridiculous denying what they say.


      1. About the sari she wore on The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986)] I thought I’d wear one on the show, and packed two of them, in case Oprah wanted to wear one, too. As luck would have it, my flight was delayed and I reached minutes before the show went on air! So I had no time to change, which is a pity. Americans love the garment but have no clue how it’s tied. Oprah is very respectful and appreciative of all cultures. She was very curious about the sari and I helped her put it on, on air! She has sent me an autographed picture saying, “Next time we change the blouse”. She was very sweet.


      1. [About being on The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986)] Yes, I was extremely happy to be on her show. I absolutely admire her. I never thought I’d actually be meeting her–and that, too, on her show! It’s so strange. But prior to our meeting, during my visit to the US for the premiere of Bride & Prejudice (2004), I had some afternoons off and I watched Oprah. I thought how wonderful it would be to be on her show. And within a month, I was!”


    1. [in September 2004] I am not comfortable with kissing or nudity. I am clear about what I want. I’ll work only with good directors who’ll offer me two-dimensional roles. The director and the role are most important.
    • [IN 2005, about her long career in entertainment] This is my tenth year now, so things have changed within this span of time–so drastically that when I look at the work done when I just joined, it’s like, “Oh my God!” So much has changed in these ten years. You get to see how you’re part of the process of change within the Indian film industry. That’s all positive, that’s all a good sign.
    • [Her advice to aspiring professionals] My biggest concern is always the students who are working toward a certain career–when they limit themselves to just that one option. They need to know that the world is huge–it’s an ocean, and there are so many options. It’s not the end of the world if they don’t get to pursue an apparent childhood dream. That’s really important because you find a lot of kids who believe that they want to become a doctor or an aeronautical engineer or something, and if they don’t manage to make their degree, that’s the end. They feel so defeated, which is very disheartening. It’s sad to know that people let themselves be limited by these aspirations.
    • It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.
    • Life is a stage, and we are all characters. So play your part and play it well!
    • [on why she participated in the Miss World Pageant in 1994] For me, it went beyond being a beauty queen. For me, it was about being the 20-year-old girl from India on [an] international platform and a lot of people actually would assume that I wasn’t even educated in India because of the way I’d speak. And they’d be like, “Have you studied in India? Do you actually speak English out there?” and, I was like, “This is so interesting that so many people know so little about my country”, and this is exactly what I wanted to do when I set out on this little mission in my head.
    • [In 2006] Good films are good films regardless of being made in India or abroad. I believe a great story transcends cultural lines and language barriers.
    • [In 2006] I choose films with characters that I feel are relative to a woman’s growth for me. In The Last Legion (2007), I play a warrior. This was a first for me and it was a fantastic experience. I would like very much to do more action films. As for the right direction, I make my choices and always move forward one step at a time.
    • [on her character in The Mistress of Spices (2005)] I have related to each character I have performed thus far, including Tilo. I am very sensitive to moods and one’s inward feelings and emotions. I am a true people person and people watcher. I look forward to meeting interesting people and understanding their experiences in life.
    • [on her character in Dhoom 2 (2006)] It’s the kind of character I have never essayed before. Sunehiri, my character in the film, is distinctly different from any other character you have seen me play. That’s what makes her exciting to me. For the first time in my life, I went through a bit of a fitness regime. Contrary to popular belief, right since modeling, to the [Miss World] title, to films, I have never been a fitness freak or exercised.
    • [About director J.P. Dutta] . . . a committed taskmaster. I have danced to songs before. But he always added to choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant’s steps, and that was quite challenging. He would shoot an entire mukhda in one shot. To do all the songs at that level required remaining focused at all times. In that moment, I felt I became Umrao Jaan. It was interesting to deliver a performance that shows her passionate but tragic story. The film is also reflective of the art that was at its zenith in that era. The sex trade was called the performing arts then and not prostitution.
    1. [on Umrao Jaan (2006) being her first Urdu-language film] Since our generation speaks English, we are not very fluent in Hindi, leave alone Urdu. I loved those dialogs and the experience to work and know about that era. For me, it was a study of Urdu on the sets under the guidance of JP and Javed Saab.
    • [About Rekha] Rekha is very inspiring. It is not necessarily relative to just one performance, but her entire career, the span of characters that she has essayed, the performances that she has delivered itself is extremely inspiring. I am inspired by her performance.
    • [on her role in Umrao Jaan (2006)] Playing Umrao Jaan was a demanding emotional journey. When a story takes that course, it is following an entire arc; it goes through all the possible emotions. The process was satisfying, inspiring and challenging. It forced me to deliver the best in every moment.
    • [on being compared to Rekha in Umrao Jaan (1981)] For me, as an actor, it’s a special experience to get the opportunity to play Umrao Jaan who has been already iconized on our celluloid. When I played Paro in Devdas (2002), I went through the same area of questioning about how my role will be compared with the ones played earlier.
    • [In 2006] My reason for choosing a film is not to impress people. I don’t choose films for the box office.
    • [in 2006] The audiences feel I am part of their life so they worry about me. I think that is very sweet of them and I tell them that when I will marry I will announce it. When I get married, you’ll know. I believe in marriage and it is a beautiful institution.
    • [In 2006] It is a very tricky situation when you get the chance to work in English films. I do films based on characters, not to get an entry into Hollywood or whatever. In English, my _Bride & Prejudice (2005)_ (qv ) did well world over. I don’t know how it did in Hindi, but I know _Jurassic Park (1998)_ didn’t do well in Hindi. I was glad audiences worldwide liked an English film that was Indian. When I did The Mistress of Spices (2005), I did it for Paul [Paul Mayeda Berges, the director, and husband of Gurinder Chadha] as a team. The film found its audiences.
    • When the [Provoked: A True Story (2006)] script came to me, I felt it was a very important story of an Indian woman based in London who killed her husband because of marital abuse. Kiran Ahluwalia made a big impression in England, and so I did this film because I felt it was an important story to be told. “Provoked” is an important film for many other Kirans in the world.
    • As far as The Last Legion (2007) is concerned, it is a film based on a book [a novel by Valerio Manfredi]. I don’t think the character of Meera [her role] is there in the book. I did the film for the new experience and it is for the first time that I was with a complete foreign crew. Working with Ben Kingsley was a great experience. Meera is an Indian in the film and she has great roots and you will identify with her strength. I feel for Indian audiences, and want them to feel pride in what I am doing: I am not doing films just to be there as guest appearances.
    • [on celebrating her 33rd birthday] I am just not the birthday bash kind. My day will start with a visit to the Siddhivinayak temple with my family, something I do every year. There will be no loud parties . . . my birthday is a very private affair. Considering I have to leave for Dubai tomorrow, it will be over early, too. Only family and friends will be there.
  • on the rumors that her black eye was the result of abuse by Salman Khan] For some perverse reason, no one wants to believe me, that I fell down the stairs. First, the media calls me the woman of the millennium, a woman of substance. Then how can the same media make me out to be such a doormat? I’m a self-respecting woman, I don’t take nonsense from anyone. No one tries caveman tactics on me. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger can fall and get hurt, so why should I be any different?
  • I have never deliberately driven attention to the fact that I am working in Hollywood films. I have categorically stated that I am working in different kinds of films, be it British, Hindi, Tamil or Bengali. It’s all about doing films, which are my passion.
  • [on meeting producer Harvey Weinstein for the first time at the 2005 Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People] He is a big fan of Indian films. He has seen Devdas (2002) and said he respected my work. It’s a big compliment coming from somebody who has such an immense body of work and yet is so humble from him? He discussed a few ideas and scripts with me. He is starting his own company. We are discussing projects. Time will tell all.
  • [on attending the dinner for Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of the Year in 2005] I am surprised at my life’s turn of events. Six of us were asked to raise the toast for the evening. And I raised it for my parents and for my fans, without whom I wouldn’t have reached where I am today. Nicole Kidman had to rush out for some premiere, but she said that she and her son loved Bride & Prejudice (2004) and I told her how I loved all her performances. Sean Penn told me that I spoke well and I told him that I’ve always been his fan!
  • [Upon hearing that Julia Roberts had said that Aishwarya was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen] That was embarrassing, at first, I didn’t believe she said that. I thought it was a rumor started by a journalist. But it’s sweet. She’s an incredible actor and she seems like a wonderful person, so all you can do is say, “Thank you”
      • [In 2007] I am not comfortable with kissing or nudity. I’ve never said I’d never kiss, or whatever on screen. I’ve always maintained I’d cross that bridge when I come to it. Again, I’m accused of playing it safe. The truth is, I don’t know what tomorrow holds. So I can’t make a close-ended principle about it.


      • [Her thoughts on modern women versus the queens of the era of Jodhaa Akbar (2008)] I consider myself lucky to be born in today’s era where a woman has far more freedom to exercise her rights. It took them ages to get ready for one appearance and imagine staying behind curtains all day long.


      • [on being voted the most bankable Bollywood star in Hollywood] Wow! Me the most bankable Bollywood star in Hollywood? Thank you! I must confess that any acknowledgment of hard work makes me feel content.  In all humility, I want to thank all those who feel I’m bankable.


      • God has given me plenty of reasons to smile and I feel it’s time to spread it around. There are a lot of children out there who so desperately need help, but can’t receive timely care because their families cannot afford this surgery or are ill-educated about this condition.


    • [In 1999] I’m like the Terminator. I won’t stop till I win. Just everything must be perfect.

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Great Indian Cine heroin


See this video

                            Great Indian heroine Kajol

Great Indian Kajol was born on August 5, 1974, in Bombay, Maharashtra, India as Kajol Mukherjee. She is an actress, known for My Name Is Khan (2010), Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998). She has been married to Ajay Devgn since February 24, 1999. They have two children.

Great Indian Actress Kajol is a fourth-generation actress: her mother Tanuja, maternal aunt Nutan, maternal grandmother Shobhna Samarth and maternal great grandmother Rattan Bai were all movie stars in their day. Cousin of Rani Mukerji, Sharbani Mukherji, Raj Mukherjee and Mohnish Bahl.

    • Often paired on-screen with actor Shah Rukh Khan. In fact, each of her five movies with him (Baazigar, Karan Arjun, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham) have all gone on to become super-hits and blockbusters.
  • In 2001, she retired temporarily from Bollywood to spend more time with her family.
    1. Great Indian Actress Kajol wedding to Ajay Devgn was a quiet affair where only a few close friends and relatives were invited. The newlywed couple went on a two-month honeymoon traveling the world visiting such places as Sydney & Cairo. She will continue to act in select films, maybe in one or two a year.
    1. Great Indian Actress Kajol Has a daughter with Ajay Devgn, named Nysa.
    1. Listed as number 4 of ‘Top Bollywood Actresses’ of 2006. (, 8-25-2006)
    1. Niece of Ram Mukherjee and Krishna Mukherjee.
    1. Great Indian Actress Gave birth to her second child at age 36, son Yug Devgan on September 13, 2010. Child’s father is her husband, Ajay Devgn.
    1. Great Indian Actress Gave birth to her first child at age 28, daughter Nysa Devgan on April 20, 2003. Child’s father is her husband, Ajay Devgn.
    1. Kajol and Ajay had a daughter, Nysa. [April 2003]
    1. Shooting Fanaa in the southern mountains of Poland. [February 2006]
    1. After turning down several movie roles on account of pregnancy, Kajol suffered a miscarriage. [2001]
    1. Niece of actress Manisha ( Sambandh -1969). Deb Mukherjee’s wife.
    1. Cousin Toy ” Monjoy” Mukherjee was to debut as a lead actor in 2003. Due to his father Joy Mukherjee’s health, the film was shelved. Joy was to produce the film.
    1. Cousin Toy ” Monjoy” Mukherjee released a pop music album in 1999 titled ” Yuhin Kabhi”.
    1. Cousin Toy ” Monjoy” Mukherjee scripted the TV Serial Dil Deke Dekho.
    1. Cousin of Toy ” Monjoy” Mukherjee. He is the younger son of Joy Mukherjee.
    1. The original choice for Amisha Patel’s role in Gaddar.
    1. Great Indian Actress Was the original choice for Manisha Koirala role in Dil Se.
    1. Cousin of actor Sujoy Mukherjee. Starred in the shelved film ” Junglee” co-starring Govinda, directed by Rahul Rawail.Cousin of producer Sunita Gowarikar(wife of Ashutosh Gowarikar}. Sunita is the daughter of Kajol’s uncle Deb Mukherjee. Cousin of director Ayaan Mukherjee.
    1. Cousin of actor Samrat Mukherjee (dad’s brothers son}and Samrat’s sister Sharbani Mukherjee.
    1. Aunt’s name is Chatura (Mom’s sister). Chatura has a daughter named Shilpa.
    1. Great Indian Actress Starred in mother Tanuja’s home production “Pehchaan Apni Apni” opposite Ayub Khan. The film was to be directed by Chandra Barot. After Ayub complained about the price he was being paid for the film, Tanuja decided to replace him with Manu Gargi. Eventually, Tanuja decided to shelve the film. This was in 1993.
  1. Uncle is Jaideep Samarth. Jaideep has a daughter named Mayuri. Mayuri was going to be launched as an actress by Tanuja in a home production. The film was going to be directed by Chandra Barot. Tanuja decided to shelve the film. Was engaged to Kartik Mehta in 1993. Paternal niece of director Shurjee Mukherjee. Dad’s cousin. ( Director of Karna). Niece of producer Subir Mukherjee.
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Great Indian Cine heroin

Rani Mukherjee

Great Indian Actress
        Rani Mukherjee

Great Indian Mukerji comes from a film-oriented family of Bengali origin. Her father, Ram Mukherjee, is a retired director and one of the founders of “Filmalaya Studios”. Her mother, Krishna Mukherjee, was a playback singer. Her brother, Raj Mukherjee is a film producer, now turned director. Her maternal aunt, Debashree Roy, was a Bengali-film actress and her cousin, Kajol, is a Bollywood actress.

Great Indian Actress Mukerji is a trained Odissi dancer and began learning the dance in tenth grade. Mukerji studied at Maneckjee Cooper High School in Juhu, and later enrolled at Mithibai College in Mumbai.

Great Indian Actress While in school at the age of 14, Mukerji did a cameo role in her father’s Bengali film Biyar Phool (1992). In 1994, Salim Akhtar, a family friend, offered her a film called Aa Gale Lag Jaa (1994) but her father was against it as she was too young. Mukerji turned down the offer and Urmila Matondkar was cast instead. Two years later, Salim Akhtar came up with another offer and insisted on her playing the protagonist of Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat (1997). After a long discussion with her father, she agreed to do the film. When the film was unsuccessful at the box office, Mukerji returned to college to complete her education.

Great Indian Actress Rani Mukerji

  1. Husky voice
  2. Queen of Bollywood
  3. Got her first breakthrough with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998).
  4. Cousin of Kajol, Sharbani Mukherji, Mohnish Bahl and Tanishaa Mukerji. Niece of Joy Mukherjee, Debashree Roy, and Deb Mukherjee.
  5. Indian model.
  6. Daughter of director Ram Mukherjee and Krishna Mukherjee
  7. Her favorite film is ‘Titanic’ along with that her favorite song is ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from ‘Titanic’.
  8. Won ‘Best Actress’ for Hum Tum (2004) at the Bollywood Movie Awards, Screen, cine-goers, Sports World, 1st GIFA, Zee Cine, IIFA and at the 50th Filmfare Awards.
  9. Won accolades in the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ category for Yuva (2004) at the Bollywood Movie Awards, Screen and at the 50th Filmfare Awards.
  10. Won accolades in the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ category for Veer-Zaara (2004) at the Sports World, Cinegoers, IIFA and South Africa Awards.
  11. Won Sports World Jodi of the Year with Saif Ali Khan (2004
  12. Only actress on Filmfare power list (2004)
  13. Won a Filmfare award for best-supporting actress for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998). Directors then started taking her seriously, and then she signed up to do 22 films.
  14. Great Indian Actress  Rani Mukherjee changed the English transliteration of her surname from Mukherjee to Mukerji several years ago. At the time, it was reported that she did this for numerological reasons. Recently, she has claimed that numerology was not a concern; her name had been put down as Mukerji on her passport, and she wished to harmonize her name and her passport.
  15. She is the first actor to ever win both the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress trophies in a single year (2005) at the Filmfare.
  16. Two movies in which she appeared have been India’s entry to the Academy Awards. Paheli (2005) was the official entry for the 2006 Oscars. Hey, Ram (2000) was an earlier entry.
  17. Appeared at the Closing Ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, as part of a performance showcasing Indian culture, on behalf of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, to be held in New Delhi.
  18. Besides acting in films, she also does many charity appearances for noble causes. Her most noteworthy show was Temptations 2005 where she performed in New Delhi. The event provided the opportunity to raise funds for National Centre For Promotional of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP), a leading disabled rights group. Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra were also amongst the many who contributed to this cause.
  19. In 2005, she worked with the biggest production houses and banners: Black, Bunty Aur Babli, and The Rising. These three movies were amongst the top ten grosser of the year. Paheli, while only moderately successful, was India’s official entry to the 2006 Oscars.
  20. In February 2005, she was the only woman on the listing of “Ten Most Powerful Names of Bollywood”. Filmfare Magazine incorporated her into the Power List at # 10. She was ranked at # 8 the following year, a number ahead of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. In February 2007, she was placed at #5 on the prestigious Power List, configuring the highest ranking for a woman. Rani has also been ranked # 1 in the Filmfare Top Ten Actresses’ Listing for three years in a row (2004-2006).
Great Indian Actress Rani Mukherjee has won well over 60 awards to date.
    • Listed # 1 on Rediff’s ‘Top Bollywood Female Stars’ Rankings for three consecutive years (2004-2006).
    • Was honored by an audience of 50,000 at the Casablanca Film Festival (2005) in Morocco where her selected four movies were presented to the foreign masses of people.
    • Her film, Paheli (2005) got the honor to open the ninth Zimbabwe International Film Festival in Harare a year later.
    • In 2006, the actress bought a new house for herself in Juhu. The interiors were done by Twinkle Khanna and it took an entire year to get ready.
    • Black (2005), Paheli (2005), and Veer-Zaara (2004) were all part of the final process of nomination selection for the 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards amongst 60 foreign films in 2006.
    • appeared at the Closing Ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, as part of a performance showcasing Indian culture, on behalf of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, to be held in Delhi
    • Listed # 36 by UK magazine ‘Eastern Eye’ as one of “Asia’s Sexiest Women” (Sept/2006).
  • Rani Mukerji has been the only member of the film industry to have been invited to the dinner in Honor of President Musharraf.

Great Indian Actress Rani Mukherjee 

  • was invited to the Toronto International Film Festival to promote her movie Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. Due to her schedule shooting of Tara Rum Pum in New York City, she opted not to go.
  • In early 2007, the actress performed an act with Saif Ali Khan in Versailles for Lakshmi Mittal’s guests at his daughter’s £30 million/$65 million wedding.
  • Great Indian Actress Rani Mukerji was offered the lead role in Hollywood film, The Namesake (2006) but owing to clashing dates with Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006), she couldn’t commit to Mira Nair’s project.
  • In November 2006, Mukerji was shooting a film in Varanasi when avid fans crowded the set. Security personnel beat the crowd back with sticks. A media storm followed as various groups insisted that Mukerji should have stopped the security guards. The actress later issued an apology.
      1. The actress donated her prize money, her half-share of half-a-million rupees from her 2007 appearance on Kaun Banega Crorepati? (2000) with Preity Zinta, to the Holy Family Hospital. She said that this institution looks after children with heart problems which is a major setback in India.


      1. In February 2005, Mukerji performed at the HELP! Telethon Concert to help raise money for the victims of Tsunami in company with other Bollywood stars.


      1. As of 2012, she is a seven-time Filmfare Award-winning Indian film actress, the most wins by any actress. She now has two Best Actress Awards, two Best Actress Critics Awards and three Best Supporting Actress Awards.


      1. Besides acting in films, Mukerji has associated herself with several other commercial and non-profit organizations. In March 2004, Mukerji visited the sandy dunes of Rajasthan to boost the morale of the soldiers. It was for a show where entertainers and stars visit Indian troops in far-flung regions to encourage them along with the NDTV team.


      1. She has been featured on the list of Rediff’s “Best Dressed Actresses”.


    1. Rani Mukerji was listed on the coveted Rediff’s ‘Bollywood’s Most Beautiful Actresses’ Listing along with Sonali Bendre and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
      1. For her three minutes dance act at the Closing Ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games, alongside Saif Ali Khan, she was reportedly paid 1.5 million rupees.


      1. She performed in the “Temptations 2004” concert alongside Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Rampal, Preity Zinta, and Priyanka Chopra in nineteen stage shows across the globe. It was the most successful Bollywood concert in its time and it broke all records.


      1. The actress has been an active stage performer and has participated in numerous world tours. Her first world tour was in the year 1999 with Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Akshaye Khanna and Twinkle Khanna. It was called the “Magnificent Five”. The show was widely watched in every city where it was showcased.


      1. As of 2006, her total box office impact is worth well over Rs. 5 billion.


      1. Her friends in the industry include Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Aditya Chopra, Vikram Bhatt, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, famous choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant, Farah Khan’, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Ashutosh Gowariker, Kiran Rao, Anil Kapoor and all his family including daughter Sonam Kapoor, the Deols, especially Bobby and Twinkle Khanna.


      1. She is very good friends with superstar Salman Khan. She starred in the Khan’s home production “Hello Brother” in 1999.


    1. She is the only actress to have won both Best Actress and Best Actress Critic’s for the same movie at the Filmfare Awards. The film was ‘Black’.
      • Great Indian Rani Mukerji is extremely close to actor Anil Kapoor and his family, especially his daughter Sonam Kapoor.


    • Great Indian Rani Mukerji is the only actress in Filmfare history to have won both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in the same year.
  • Great Indian Rani Mukerji was the first choice for Dil Se, Lagaan, Munna Bhai MBBS, Salaam Namaste, The Namesake, Bhool Bhulaiya, Heyy Babyy, Billu and Gulab Gang. She could not do Lagaan, Munna Bhai and The Namesake due to date conflicts.
  • Great Indian Rani Mukerji is the only actress to have worked in both Salman Khan & Shahrukh Khan’s home productions, under Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s banner, Anurag Kashyap’s and the Bhatts, all whilst being an established and leading Yash Raj and Dharma Productions heroine. Rani was also the first choice for Aamir Khan’s debut production, Lagaan.
  • Niece of Debashree Roy.
  • Second cousin to actor Sujoy Mukherjee.(Joy Mukherjee son).
  • Second cousin to Toy ” Monjoy” Mukherjee. ( Joy Mukherjee’ s son). Toy released a pop music album “Yuhin Kabhi” in 1999. It sold 1 lakh copies. A toy was to debut as a lead actor in 2003. Due to his dad’ s poor health, the film was shelved. The film was to be produced by dad Joy Mukherjee.
  • Starred in Dev Benegal’s shelved film “California- Mumbai”. Co-starring Ben Afleck. This was in 2003.
  • Starred in the shelved film ” Dharti” opposite Manoj Bajpayee.
  • Due to star in Sharbani Deodhar’s film “Dekha Jayega” opposite Chandrachur Singh. The film was shelved after being announced.
  • Starred in Vikram Bhatt ‘s Mulaqaat. Co-starring Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai, Chandrachur Singh.
  • (August 9, 2015) Expecting her 1st child with her husband Aditya Chopra in January. Gave birth to her 1st child at age 37, a daughter named Adira Chopra on December 9, 2015. Child’s father is her husband, Aditya Chopra.
  • Niece of director Shurjee Mukherjee.

Personal Quotes (31)

Great Indian Rani Mukerji

    • The kiss with Kamal Haasan (in Hey Ram (2000)) was mechanical. He was constantly checking the right angle. Where was the passion?
    • I don’t party, I don’t get drunk and I don’t have affairs. So all my passion goes into my work.
    • Kamal Haasan re-invented the actress in me after the Hey Ram (2000) experience.
    • When Karan wanted my voice to be dubbed for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), I really thought that it was bad and very husky and rough, but slowly I worked to improve my diction, and am now quite comfortable with it.
    • You sign two films with a hero and it’s said you’re having a scene with him. Please, the only scenes I’m into are in front of the camera.
    • Why should I try to imitate Kajol? I am not a mimicry artist.
    • It’s frustrating for the media to see me going about my work like Florence Nightingale – They’d like me to be Rangeeli Rani.
    1. I’d never trade my dad’s house, even for Buckingham Palace. I’m very sentimental about living with my parents.
    • I’d rather have a room full of cuddly teddy bears than a diamond necklace in a safe deposit locker.
    • On her character in The Rising (2005): “See, my role started as a cameo. I was supposed to play the widow Jwala’s character – yes, the one Aishwarya Rai was supposed to have done. Now Amisha Patel is doing that. When I read the script, I fell in love with the small role of the prostitute. There were two or three very good scenes. The script underwent a change, and I got more space than before. But it’s still a cameo – nothing like what Smita Patil did with Ketan Mehta in Mirch Masala, though I wish had.”
    • I can never be rude to people who want photographs and autographs, but I don’t like to be followed and stared at constantly.
    • [on her schedule and niece Myeisha] My schedule for the day is somewhat fixed. I wake up early; go for my workout. Play with the baby for a while, get ready and then I am off for my shoots. After work, I come home directly, play with her as long as she is awake. Then I have my dinner and hit the bed. That’s it. My life revolves around my shooting schedules and Myeisha’s daily routines.
    • I am here to act, entertain and make good films. I don’t want to work hard for a film which does not even get released. I will cooperate with my director and help him make a good film. I get disappointed if my co-actors don’t put in as much as I do. Today I am looking for banners and costars who have the same goal as me — to work towards making a good film with dedication. I have made mistakes in my career, but that is just the learning process.
    • On Replacing Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Chalte Chalte (2003): As a matter of fact, and I have said this before, I was the original choice for this role. Shah Rukh spoke to me about the film during Asoka. I didn’t have dates, so Ash replaced me. When she couldn’t do the film for whatever reason, Shah Rukh asked me to do it. I love Aamir and Shah Rukh in a different way. When Shah Rukh asks, I can’t say no.
    • I am in the profession of acting and so to suit the character I sometimes have to indulge in kissing and provocative scenes. I have never felt comfortable shooting for kissing sequences. Although, kissing scenes like the ones in Yuva with Abhishek Bachchan and in Hum Tum with Saif was shot in an aesthetic manner. I am still pretty much uncomfortable performing such scenes.
    • On the State Dinner with President Pervez Musharraf: It was like a dream come true! To just be part of such an event made me feel that I’ve done something to achieve this. All the biggest dignitaries from both sides of the border were so cultured and down-to-earth. When I was invited, I was disbelieving and overjoyed. I’m really looking forward to going to Pakistan. Let’s see where the invitation comes from. Maybe it will come directly from the Begum (President Musharraf’s wife). They actually want me and Latabai (Lata Mangeshkar) to come to Pakistan!.
  1. Fifty thousand people on the beach watching ‘Chalte Chalte’ with me, then asking me questions about the songs and dances, the idiom and language of expression was incredible. I don’t think I’ll ever forget my experience in Casablanca.
  2. To be honest, when the media gets very curious about my personal life, I get a little worried because too much curiosity is not good for anybody’s health.
  3. I have been linked with all my heroes from Vivek Oberoi to Govinda. I deal with the controversies because it’s a part of my profession, and I am not having an affair with anyone. They try to link me up so that I come across as a little more interesting for the viewers. Linking me with other stars is OK, but not Vivek!
  4. I think what is essential to be an actress is that you should be confident enough, you should have patience, and you should be ready to do a lot of hard work.
  5. I think what is really required as a trick to survive in the film industry is your dedication, patience, a lot of hard work and no manipulation.
  6. Preity Zinta and I have always shared a good working relationship. We were never great pals, but we vibe so well on-screen that to the media and outsiders it appears that we are great friends in real life, too.
  7. Salman Khan is probably one of the most good looking people we have in our industry.
  8. I feel beautiful in love. There is a lot of love for you in the beholder’s eye. That makes you feel very happy.
  9. [on her fallout with Abhishek Bachchan] The truth is if someone chooses not to invite you to their wedding you realize where you stand with that person. You may be deluded and think you are friends but maybe that friendship was only extended as co-stars on the sets. It doesn’t matter. It became very clear to me that we were only co-stars not friends.
  10. [on Saif Ali Khan] Saif is a brilliant actor, undoubtedly. He is one of my favorites and I enjoy watching him on screen. Both of us agree we have great chemistry onscreen that stems from our off-screen rapport. We trust each other as actors. While shooting we never tried to outdo each other. The other day we were watching the preview of our film and, at the end, we both agreed that we look so hot together.
  11. I had just been in the film industry for a few years before the Khan’s (Salman, Sohail, and Arbaaz) offered me Hello Brother. It was a really nice film and even today I am honored that they chose me for it. It is every star dream that to work with the three Khan’s (Aamir, Salman, and Shahrukh) and I had done it as a newcomer! I thank them all for what they gave me.
  12. [on the Vivek and Salman row] This really doesn’t have much to do with me so I can hardly comment on it. But from my side, I can say that Salman was and always will be a sweet co-star and friend of mine and I don’t believe in the accusations made against him. However, you have to hand it to him for handling the situation so well. Vivek and I were co-stars in Saathiya and I guess our chemistry worked but personally I’m not close to him. He’s my brother’s friend from school, not mine.
  13. on Hrithik Roshan- We get along really well. Besides having a similar pattern of working, it’s important to establish a comfort level between co-actors. Mujhse Dosti Karoge was one big picnic. Since Hrithik and I were comfortable with each other I would tell him whether a particular scene was shot well or not. We are more friends than co-stars. I would tell him to redo a scene if I thought it was not good or if there was something missing. Hrithik takes my suggestions seriously.
  14. Talking about working with Salman Khan Salman was so sweet. He helps you whenever you’re in trouble, whether that’s personally or professionally. He’ll help you with your scenes in the film, with your dialogs and also give friendly advice. I have worked with him in a few films and it’s always been great. I’m looking forward to working with him again!
  15. on Salman Khan -Salman is absolutely adorable. I really love him as he is always himself. I only laugh when I am with him, he is so entertaining. He is a rock star. When he comes on the screen, not only the common man but we actors also clap and whistle for him and say, “Star Aa Gaye.” He is so good looking. When he passes by, you actually stop to turn to look at him. When I saw the promos of Dabangg, I called him and both of us went completely mad. He is a cult figure. Just as the South has a Rajnikanth, we have a Salman!

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Great Indian Cine heroin


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Great Indian Actress Jayaprada was born as Lalita Rani in a middle-class household to Krishna and Neelavani in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh on April 3, 1962. She was a small town girl with dreams of becoming a doctor. Her mother enrolled her in dance and music classes when she was seven years old, in addition to going to a regular school. Even though her father and uncle were filmed financiers, her initial break into films didn’t come through them.

Great Indian Actress Jayaprada was discovered dancing on stage at a school function when she was just fourteen years old. Character actor Prabhakar Reddy gave her the name of Jayaprada and introduced her to a three-minute song in the Telugu film, “Bhoomi Kosam” (1976). That immediately led her to longer roles in “Devude Digivaste” (1975) and “Naaku Swatantram Vachindhi” (1976). The floodgates opened. Major film directors, such as Bapu, K.Vishwanath, and K.Balachander, approached her with quality projects. She immediately became a huge star in Telugu films as diverse as the color-drenched, big-budget “Seeta Kalyanam” (1976) to the stark, naturalistic black-and-white film “Antuleeni Katha” (1976), where she won a special acting award for her unforgettable dramatic performance.

  • But it was her dancing skills and nuanced acting style as a mute girl that made K. Vishwanath’s “Siri Siri Muvva” (1976) into a timeless classic. It would also be her passport into Hindi films as K. Vishwanath remade it into “Sargam” (1979) and made her an overnight star in Bollywood as well.
  • She earned her first Filmfare nomination as Best Actress for the film, and it would become one of her favorite films. She stalled on doing more Hindi films for two years as she wasn’t fluent in the language. But she became fluent in Hindi, as well as Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali, and had hit films in all these languages. She endeared audiences with her sincere portrayal of Amitabh Bachchan’s girlfriend in her next favorite film “Sharabi” (1984), which became another big hit and earned her second Filmfare nomination as Best Actress. K. Vishwanath directed her to her third Filmfare nomination as Best Actress for her other favorite film “Sanjog” (1985). But some of her best performances would go unrewarded.
  • In the Telugu film directed by K.Balachander, “47 Rojulu” (1981) showed Jayaprada as an innocent girl duped by her husband in Paris, France, and her struggle to escape from him. But in Hindi films, she usually played the traditionally dressed, docile, obedient wife, and while that image led to hit films, it also eventually tired her audiences. She also seemed bored and indifferent with no new challenges ahead as she had already made her other favorite films: the Hindi films “Sur Sangam” (1985) and “Tohfa” (1984), the Telugu film “Sagara Sangamam” (1983), the Kannada films “Sanadi Appanna” (1977) and “Kavi Ratna Kalidasa” (1983). The only excitement came from her personal life when she met her husband film producer Srikant Nahata. They started out as friends as he was already a married man with children. But it turned into love when he stood by her because of her income tax problems. She was branded the “other woman,” especially since Nahata wouldn’t leave his wife. So she ended up marrying him in 1986, and he has continued to be married to both women. In 1994, she also became a politician by joining the Telugu Desam Party. A few years later, a rift developed with the political party and she was deeply hurt when she was no longer in the party.
  • She also didn’t have any major films lined up. But she kept up with her many social and humanitarian causes, especially related to poor women and children. She also became tough and strong and forged on ahead by joining a different political party in a different state, Uttar Pradesh. She won the election with the slogan line, “Andhra is my Janam-Bhoomi but Uttar Pradesh is my karma bhoomi.” She also started making films playing stronger, mature roles. In “Deh,” she played an older woman having an affair with a much younger man. She also wrote and directed “Class Medal,” a Telugu film that starred her sister’s son Siddharth and produced by her brother Rajababu.
  • She didn’t forget her first love, dancing, and did a dance ballet in 2005 that won her great acclaim. And she also dabbled in playback singing and even recorded an album with music composer Bappi Lahiri. In 2008, she received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award for her long and plentiful contribution to the South Indian film industry. Having three careers (acting, dancing, politics), and a husband, left her no time to have children of her own, even though she has expressed a desire to have children. So far, she has shown no desire to give up her three careers and in fact, stated that she’ll be as hardworking and dedicated in the future as she is now.
  1. By 2005, she has acted in nearly 300 films in a 30-year film career
  2. Great Indian Actress Jaya Prada has acted in seven languages: Telugu (her mother tongue), Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi.
  3. She said that the only autograph she has ever taken in her life has been from her inspiration, Mother Teresa.
  4. When her days as a docile leading lady started winding down, she went into politics, but she hasn’t given up films and plays stronger, mature roles.
  5. In 2005, she did a famous dance show in Mumbai, where she recreated the time and story of the fiery Amrapali through a ballet choreographed by Bhushan Lakandri with music and lyrics by Ravindra Jain. Part of the proceeds from this show was given to Deekshaa, the Academy of classical dance and music.
  6. She was just fourteen years old when she was discovered dancing on stage and was cast as a dramatic heroine in her first Telugu film,  Anthuleni Katha (1976).  The famed director K. Balachander slapped her co-star Kamal Haasan right in front of her for muffing up a scene. Jaya got scared and ran away from the set crying. Her father soothed her feelings by taking her shopping for clothes and jewelry and convinced her to return to the set the next day.
  7. Celebrated Oscar-winning filmmaker Satyajit Ray had called her “the most beautiful face on the Indian screen,” a compliment that she cherished so much that she attended his tribute for the release of the book, “The Vision of Ray: Cine Posters & Beyond” (2005) with Sharmila Tagore and Jaya Bhaduri, the two stars that Ray discovered.
  8. Daughter-in-law of producer Sunderlal Nahata.
  9. Jeetendra and Jaya Prada were romantically paired opposite each other in 25 films and 19 of them were box office hits. They also worked in one more film Sindoor but here Shashi Kapoor was paired opposite Jaya Prada and Jeetendra was supporting actor.
  10. Jaya Prada was highest paid Hindi actress from 1985-89 with Sridevi and 3rd highest paid Hindi actress with Rekha from 1990-92 and 3rd highest paid actress along-with Parveen Babi in 1982-84.
  11. Filmmaker Narayana Rao Dasari repeatedly cast her in his films, and she remembered his loyalty when she agreed to take a guest role in the film “Edantastula Meda” (1980) at a time when she was the topmost heroine in films. In that film, he used her name in the song “Chakkani Chukka…Jayaprada” as a tribute to her when he picturized the song on her.
  12. Nephew Siddharth debuted in Tamil films in 2014.
  13. Former actor Raj Babu is her brother.
  14. The Younger brother (Not Raja Babu) eloped with K.Bapaiah’s daughter in 1989.

Personal Quotes-(9)

    • I don’t know why but it’s been my destiny that I get along better with men than with women. In many ways, I feel that my life is like my first film, Anthuleni Katha (1976). The character in the film is naive and trusting and has to go through a series of experiences to discover herself. My life has been like that too. Starting out as a small-town girl, I have come a full circle, doing things I never thought I could. Fate has been kind to me. I have no complaints. When you stop questioning and your loved one stops explaining, it means you’ve reached the perfect understanding.
    • [on being married to a man who is already married to someone else] Love is not about power but about acceptance. I’m very sure that I cannot love anyone else but Shrikant Nahatafor the rest of my life. I’ve accepted him and I’m not going to change that just because our circumstances are complicated. .his wife Chandra and I now share cordial relations. We’ve both accepted that we cannot live without Srikant, and if we have to live together, might as well do so amicably.
    • As a young girl, I didn’t always want to be an actress. But from the time I started off, I have loved it. In fact, I always say that if I am reborn, I wish to be an actress again!
    • My big break in Hindi films came in Sargam (1979) in which I portrayed the role of a mute dancer. The film was a remake of my Telugu film Siri Siri Muvva (1978). I observed mute students closely in preparation for the role. The film opposite Rishi Kapoor was a resounding success.
    • On learning Hindi to help with her Bollywood career: I kept a tutor who rehearsed my lines. I was keen to do my own dubbing. I would get up at 5 am, take my Hindi class and then leave for my shoot. I would again work on my diction at night.
    • [on her pairing up with Super-star Rajesh Khanna in Dil-E-Nadaan (1982)] It was my first film opposite the Superstar. I was very nervous on the sets. But he made me feel comfortable and corrected my lines. And the comfort level we shared was apparent on the screen. Rajeshji is a unique and sensitive artist. Acting opposite him, one can learn a lot by carefully observing his skills. I did 5 successful movies with Rajesh Khanna Sahab.
    • on her reported rivalry with co-star Sridevi] There was no jealousy. All our films were done in a professional manner.
    • on her debut in Telugu films] My mother loved art and got me enrolled in music and dance classes. I began learning traditional Indian dance forms when I was only seven.
  • My dancing skills were noticed at the school’s annual function and I ended up bagging a three-minute role in the Telugu film Bhoomikosam (1974). I was paid Rs 10 for the role.

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