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Great Indian Vijaylaxmi Sharma struggling for eradicating the tradition of Girl Child Marriage

Who Is She: Great Indian –Vijaylaxmi Sharma
Occupation: Teacher
ResidencePaghi village, Rajasthan, India
Great Deed: Saving children from the tradition of underage marriage

Great Indian -Vijaylaxmi Sharma
                        Great Indian -Vijaylaxmi Sharma

At the age of 13,  A great Indian Vijaylaxmi Sharma defied tradition and refused to marry an older man despite her parents’ demands. how this courageous young woman has made it her mission to save other young girls – including a ten-month-old baby from becoming child brides Vijaylaxmi is just 24 years of age, however, is a motivation to numerous young ladies in her town of Jhodinda, Rajasthan. In Rajasthan child marriage is normal.Vijaylaxmi challenged this deeply rooted custom and chose to take after her goals to set off for college and live how she would have preferred. Persuading her folks was the greatest battle. On her 13th birthday celebration, Vijaylaxmi’s mother chosen it was the ideal opportunity for her girl to get married. Vijaylaxmi dissented, voicing her want to contemplate progressively and to get married at a later age. This choice did not run down well with her family.

Accordingly, they bolted poor Vijaylaxmi up with no sustenance or water for a few days. As time cruised by, the relationship stayed stressed. Vijaylaxmi’s folks were mocked for having an unmarried little girl and she was frequently avoided by her group. At that point came an unforeseen development a  neighbor’s  Fourteen-year-old wedded girl deplorably kicked the bucket amid labor. Stunned and with their eyes now open to the risks of tyke marriage, her folks started to comprehend Vijaylaxmi’s resistance and to help their little girl’s choice. Time passed and news about Vijaylakshmi’s mettle and accomplishments spread in the encompassing group. Different young ladies asked for her to enable them to campaign for the battle against tyke marriage and she concurred.

Today, She visits groups of young ladies to deter them from wedding their little girls at a youthful age and uses her biography to exhibit that a brilliant future for young ladies can be inside reached. Today, Great Indian Vijaylaxmi is a committed educator and is vigilant for a spouse. Continuously the best understudy at school, Vijaylaxmi put her complete self into her training and profession to be an educator, work she appreciates monstrously. She wants to go crosswise over India to instruct individuals about kid marriage. She gets finish bolster from her family; even her two siblings go with her when she visits other families. Because of the great deeds, everybody in India should be proudly said that Iamgreatindian.

In her words, she quoted…

“Women are the medium of society. Standing firm against youngster marriage is something even young men won’t do. What I have accomplished as a young lady makes my folks glad for me. I am pleased with what I have accomplished on this long hard street.”

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