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Great Indian T.N.R.T.C Conductor Yogananthan planted One lakh plants up until now

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Great Indian T.N.R.T.C Conductor Yogananthan planted One lakh plants up until now

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Great Indian T.N.R.T.C Conductor Yogananthan
           Great Indian T.N.R.T.C Conductor Yogananthan

To accomplish an awesome objective, it begins with a little exertion. First and foremost, Difficulties will come. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you proceed without grasp, you will, in the long run, accomplish the objective. The individual is centered around natural protection with the goal that he thought it was correct. He has put in a previous couple of years planting his own cash, regardless of the possibility that he does it or not. So he planted One lakh plants up until now.

His name was M. Yoganathan. Tamil Nadu was 48 years of age. There is an inhabitant in Nagapattinam. Yoganathan has been a transport conductor for a long time in Tamil Nadu State Road Transport Corporation (TNSTC). He is a transport driver number 70. The transport goes from Gandhiji to Mudamalaiyil. Nonetheless, Yoganathan is exceptionally acquainted with those going on that transport. On the off chance that he is in the transport, everybody will regard him in particular. Since that is what he’s doing. He is spending his own particular cash and planting seedlings.

Yogananthan  M.Yogananthan planting trees sometime in the distant past, Yoganathan did something in the R.T.C. transport conductor. Right now, he saw the trees chop down in the region where he was utilized. It was then chosen that the earth ought to be saved. Yoganathan chooses to Plant the plants in any case. From that point forward, he has utilized 40% of his monthly pay to plant the plants. Yoganathan has planted more than 1 lakh plants since the most recent couple of years. He has been applauded by the neighborhood individuals.

M. Yoganathan T.N.R.T.C. Conductor
M. Yoganathan T.N.R.T.C. 

Great Indian Yoganathan does not ordinarily surrender. Yogananthan is occupied with ecological social administration programs. He won’t be empty in his excursion once in the week. Go to schools and universities and instruct the understudies on planting seedlings. Whatever it is, Yoganathan should take the cognizance of the earth for every other person. In the event that administrations help, Yoganathan is prepared to go further. At long last, Yoganathan has additionally granted extraordinary honors from central and state governments for doing as such. The Central Govt. gave the Eco-warrior Award, the state government Awarded him the “Suhtru Sujal Sevai Veerar “Honor. This is because of him everybody in India should proudly say that Iamgreatindian

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M. Yoganathan – Wikipedia

Marimuthu Yoganathan popular as The Tree Man (born 1969) is an Indian environmental activist. He planted over 1 lakh trees in the last 25 years. He is working as TNSTC Coimbatore Bus Conductor. Contents. [hide]. 1 Life; 2 Honours; 3 See also; 4 References; 5 External links; 6 Other Links. Life[edit]. When he was young …

See this video URL of Yoganathan…   

M Yoganathan, a bus conductor by profession but an environmentalist at heart has planted over 1 lakh trees…

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