Great Indian Sikandar Meeranaik is in the field of advanced water reaping

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Great Indian Sikandar Meeranaik is in the field of advanced water reaping

Great Indian Sikandar Meeranaik is in the field of advanced water reaping
                                                             Great Indian Sikandar Meeranaik

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Great Indian Sikandar was born and raised in a little town called Kotumachagi in the Gadag District which is an area that is inclined to dry spell. At those circumstances, there were regular issues with supply from the administration taps and after that, the villagers had travel 3 – 4 km to take drinking water from the ranch lakes.  As he grew up Sikander checked out his became a scarce town and made this driving inquiry  ‘What would I be able to do to help the general population of this town to have a superior life?”

Initially, he set out to contemplate, finishing his Bachelor of Social Work at the Karnataka University Gadag Branch-he at that point joined an administration organization who were associated with water tasks and building different structures for water administration including bunds, toilets and so forth in the Haveri locale. He worked with them for one and half years previously moving to an association in Bangalore who was doing precipitation water gathering. They acquainted Sikandar with the Deshpande Foundation in Hubli where he initially met Naveen Jha the CEO of that Foundation.

This was a major defining moment for Sikandar as Naveen recognized the energy clearly and supported him incredibly – first to join the Deshpande Social Entrepreneurship Program where he contemplated for a half year learning profitable apparatuses, (for example, English and PC abilities) for the eventual fate of his own venture. Naveen kept on coaching Sikandar and helped him to start the Sankalpa Rural Development Society. This NGO is the stage from which Sikandar has refined and found better approaches to convey water to the dry terrains and the became dried up bore wells.
Great Indian Sikandar meeranaik tried different things with existing water reaping techniques and through experimentation, he built up a one of a kind type of rainwater bore well energize framework which is savvy, lasting and simple to actualize. He has gone ahead to helping more than 450 ranchers with a demonstrated and prudent answer for their water challenges. Rather than permitting the drag wells which are drying out to be rendered pointless, SRDS changes over them into valuable revive structures.
Great Indian Sikandar meeranaik has a directing dream. He keeps settled in the bleeding edge of his brain and his work that by 2030 water shortage in India will be a relic of days gone by. Sikandar imagines making 1000 borewell energize frameworks for each year and that this basic effectively introduced innovation will spread to all the encompassing areas. He sees his part as helping individuals to comprehend this framework with the goal that they can manufacture it themselves and the spread will wind up tremendous. Great Indian Sikandar meeranaik has formulated a technique for diminishing the cost of building the water collecting structures and has brought decreased the cost of development by 60% in provincial and half in urban territory. Great Indian Sikandar said that I have faith with a specific end goal to have enough water for the continuation of a decent life we should give it back to the earth. We can’t go on continually taking without giving back and not endure the results.
Instruction of the farmers and the villagers is an imperative piece of his work. To help the rustic rainwater reaping ventures Great Indian Sikandar additionally executes this innovation in urban regions – for lodging social orders and housetop water gathering ventures for the industry. He has additionally settled a system of 600+ Self Help Groups through the help of the ICICI Bank – utilizing the model of microfinance for town ladies – this system has given a strategy to contact the agriculturists and spread the news about Rainwater reaping while at the same time helping their spouses to end up self-supporting.

It is because of this Sikandar everybody should proudly say that Iamgreatindian.

If you want to further details contact this society…

Sankalpa Rural Development Society,
(Deshapande Foundation Building)
Akshay Plaza, Near Chetana
College Akshay Colony, 4th
Phase Vidya Nagar, Hubli,
Karnataka 580021

+91 99868 40730

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