Great Indian Passam Setty Surya Chandra a real Sarpanch of Burgupudi village

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Great Indian Passam Setty Surya Chandra a real Sarpanch of Burgupudi village

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Suryachandra-Sarpanch Burugupudi
Great Indian Suryachandra-Sarpanch Burugupudi

‘Burugupudi ‘ the village creates or made an abundant wealth of the waste garbage. Here the real hero is Passam Shetty Surya Chandra. He is the second time elected gram sarpanch for the Burugupudi village. Surya Chandra gently handled the Gram Panchayat as a high-tech village to get what he wanted as a reward for the love of the people. In the East Godavari District, the village is located in the Kiralampudhi mandala Burgupudi is the name of the village. The village is home to over 1500 families.( nearly 6000 people). The sarpanch brought revolutionary changes with the cooperation of the people. At that time, the village was unethical. People were in poverty. The waste is on the roads. Sewer water flows through the streets. 50 % of households did not have no toilets.

Sarpach PassamShetty Surya Chandra changed the way the village shape. Warmi was made with the garbage of the village to make vermin compost. If it is in a burgupudi village, it is 5 rupees. In other villages, they started collecting and selling it at Rs 8 per kg.In this way, the village has more than 50 thousand dollars per month. The villagers have cultivated crops in 1300 acres of organic manure. Good roads came, the children are reading in  corporate studies. Children’s play grounds, Night Education schools for elderly people(adult education ), women’s home cooking business, rewards for pregnant women. Now that village is the wonder of all the villages in India as well as the most of the other countries villages too. This village became a developed village in 2014.  Villages planted nearly 20 thousand plants with the help of gram panchayat (village / local Government). Now the Burgupudu village is the Book of Lesson for all Indian and foreign villages.  The village is Declared as the Swatcha Village (pure village) by the Government of India in 2014. Andhra Pradesh C.M. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu presented 5 lakh cash prize to the village on behalf of the state government. This gram sarpanch is an ideal for most of sarpanches and villages in our country. Hats off to Pannam Shetty Surya Chandra. He is the real hero of India.  Its because I would Proudly say that iamgreatindian.

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