Great Indian Padma Shri Karimul Haque Who Runs A Bike Ambulance For 20 Villages

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Great Indian Padma Shri Karimul Haque Who Runs A Bike Ambulance For 20 Villages

Great Indian Padmashri award winner Karimul Haque (50yrs) is called the ‘Bike-Ambulance-Dada’ for the people of Dhalabari Village in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. The tea estate worker has become a ray of hope to the villagers. He helped carried the weak and sick to the hospital on his bikeMany years ago, Karimul went from door-to-door for help when his mother was in dire need of medical attention. Unable to find an ambulance, and because of not getting timely medical help, his mother passed away. Heartbroken by the incident, Karimul decided that day that he will not let another person die due to lack of ambulance facilities,and also an another Haque’s motorbike ambulance plan came to him when one of his colleagues collapsed on the field.

Since a regular ambulance could not reach him in time, Haque tied him to his back and made him ride pillion to the nearest hospital.


His co-worker recovered from the illness, inspiring Haque to continue with this approach not only his own, but Karimul also has become the saviour of people in 20 villages surrounding Dhalabari in the Dooars belt of Bengal where there are no concrete roads, electricity, mobile towers and other basic amenities. Most of the villagers in this belt are daily wage workers or small-time farmers. Requests for an ambulance are rarely heard in this area and the nearest hospital today is 45 kilometres away. Not only his bike ambulance service but Karimul also provides basic and first aid treatment to the villagers after learning from the local doctors. Great Indian Karimul earns a meager amount of  Rs.5,000 a month, but despite all the challenges, he never fails to take a needy patient to the hospital. More than half his salary is spent on fuel for his bike and medicines for the poor. He dreams to bring an advanced ambulance to his village equipped with all the necessary facilities.

Since 1998 Haque has been providing ambulance coverage to over 20 villages in and around Dhalabari in the Doars belt, where basic amenities such as roads and electricity are not present, and the nearest hospital is 45 kilometres away. He has carried approximately 3000 to 3500 people free of cost. Besides the ambulance service he also provides basic first aid with training from local doctors to villagers. He also holds periodic health camps in tribal regions Haque is a resident of Rajadanga in Malbazar.

He lives with his wife Anjuya Begum, his two sons Rajesh and Raju and their wives. His sons’ Pan shop and cellphone repair shop in Rajadanga support the family. Most of Haque’s income goes into buying fuel and medicines. because of him everybody can say themselves…. iamgreatindian.

For full details of his biography…

Karimul Haque is a worker in the tea gardens of North India.
Locally known as Bike-Ambulance-dada, he has received the Padma Shri award for his work ...

Karimul Haque video youtube U.R.L’s…

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Karimul haque.. An inspirational man – YouTube

Jan 21, 2018 – Uploaded by Xixtreen xtn.
Karimul haque.. An inspirational man. Xixtreen Roy. Loading. … India’s Ambulance Dada – Duration: 6:20. Al …


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