Great Indian Omkarnath Sharma alias Medicine Baba collecting medicines for poor

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Great Indian a Volunteer firefighter Bipin Ganatra who won Padmashree award winner

Great Indian Omkarnath Sharma alias Medicine Baba collecting medicines for poor

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  • Great Indian Omkarnath Sharma alias Medicine Baba collecting medicines for poor
    Great Indian Omkarnath Sharma alias Medicine Baba collecting medicines for poor
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Collecting medicines for the poor for the part of social service to change the world.

Great Indian Omkarnath Sharma alias Medicine Baba collecting medicines for poor
                                                                   Great Indian Medicine Baba

Great Indian Omkarnath Sharma and his team serving for 10 years to Provide free medicines to the one in need. They are all happy to dedicate ourselves in service of the poor. Omkarnath Baba working with nearly 40above dedicated team 4 center’s serving nearly 65 above people.

Great Indian Omkarnath Baba Born in India around 1940 otherwise called the “Medicine Baba” (Medicine Monk) Is a resigned blood donation center expert from a healing facility in New Delhi, who deliberately gathers unused medications from individuals and appropriates them to the poor complimentary. Omkar began gathering medication in the wake of understanding the intense absence of availability of pharmaceuticals, when he saw Delhi Metro under-development connect crumbled in East Delhi in 2008, killing two workers and harming numerous others. The nearby clinic directed fundamental medical aid, however, nothing else and the harmed returned home to bite the dust, unfit to manage the cost of the cost of treatment. That episode shook Omkar and he wound up resolved to not give something like this a chance to happen once more.

Since most recent six years wearing a saffron kurta (shirt) that says “Portable pharmaceutical bank for poor patients“, Omkar begins each day at 6 am from his Rented home in the Mangalapuri ghettos and goes way to entryway in various regions of Delhi requesting unused meds, which he at that point appropriates to magnanimous healing facilities, NGOs, and centers. Injured at 12 years old in a Car accident, Omkar walks five or six kilometers for every day. He can’t bear the cost of the metro rail passage, so goes by transports with the assistance of his senior citizen’s bus pass. In remote regions where bus and rail transports don’t employ, he basically strolls. Toward the finish of each accumulation, Omkar Nath precisely indexes everything in his folio: the name of the medication, the maker, where he gathered it and the expiry date. Omkar makes no Profit from these. Omkar nath baba lives with his better half and 44-year- old and a mentally challenged child.

Medicine Baba Awards for him and  his teamwork:- Medicine Baba has been recognized by various organizations worldwide:

  • Delhi Gaurav Award – presented by Dr. Harshvardhan (Union Cabinet Minister – Govt. of India)
  • Felicitated by Mr. Sunny Deol (Notable Film Personality), Mumbai
  • Awarded by BAJAJ GROUP, at the launch event of INS Vikranata
  • Felicitated by Dr. Subhash Chandra, Chairman ESSEL group on The Subhash Chandra Show (ZEE NEWS)
  • Awarded by (Governer) Punjab along with Member of Parliament Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu
  • Felicitated by Mr. Prakash Raj (Notable Film Personality), Delhi
  • Felicitated by Mr. Akhil Kumar (Olympiyan – Boxer), Delhi
  • Felicitated by Mr. Jarnail Singh (MLA – Tilak Nagar, Aam Aadmi Party), Delhi

Founders of Medicine  1. Omkar Nath ( Medicine Baba ) 2. Sacheen Gandhi  3.Arun Hooda


  1. WZ 23 OM VIHAR, GALI NO. 2 PHASE 3 Uttam Nagar Delhi 110059
  2. DUSIB Community Center (Election Card Office Building),  12 Block, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi 110018
  3. Doon animal welfare Tyagi road opp Hotel akashdeep next to SBI  ATM  first floor, Dehradun; Contact no. 7906126965

PHONE No.s… Medicine Baba   +91-92502 43298, Sacheen Gandhi (Founder Trustee)   +91-9999334888 .For Donation contact  +91-8130778130

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