Great Indian Muringothumalil Santos Kumar is a FIFA certified referee

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Great Indian Muringothumalil Santos Kumar is a FIFA certified referee

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Santhosh kumar
        Santos Kumar

Great Indian FIFA holder Santos Kumar  Muringothumalil  Santosh Kumar is a Federation Internationale de Football Association ensured referee who is compelled to drive an Auto to bring home the bread. He has alluded coordinates in which popular players like Messi have played however carries on with an existence of shame in India. 

A certified Foot Ball  Player Muringothumalil Santosh Kumar born on 12th May 1975 is an Indian expert football Referee who administers principally in the I-League. In 2012 it was declared that Kumar would be one of three referees in India to be made proficient by the All India Football Federation. With low pay from refereeing, Santos has frequently taken up odd occupations to bring home the bacon for himself and his family.

He has so far functioned as a house painter, a driving help for truck drivers, a cabbie, and an expert with Eureka Forbes, and even sold CDs amid the Sabarimala journey season.

Santos Kumar at Home

Great Indian Santos Kumar that as it may, Santos wouldn’t fret the troubles. “There is no reason for agonizing over such things,” he says, and includes, “We need to live as it may be.

There is no deficiency of capable, mindful and brilliant great Indian certified individuals in our nation. It is the time we gave them their due and began gazing at them for motivation. because of these Great Indian, I would say proudly that Iamgreatindian

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Santosh Kumar (referee) – Wikipedia

FIFA listed, Referee. Muringothumalil Santosh Kumar (born 12 May 1975) is an Indian professional football referee … Full name, Muringothumalil Santosh Kumar. Born, (1975-05-12) 12 May 1975 (age 42) Kottayam, Kerala, India.

FIFA – Wikipedia

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association is an association which describes itself as an international governing body of association football, futsal, …

Official languages‎: ‎English; French; German; S…,Staff‎: ‎103,Founded‎: ‎21 May 1904; 113 years ago, Affiliations‎: ‎International Olympic Committee‎; ‎I…

FIFA certified holder                  

 FIFA certified holder


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Great Indian Auto Driver Annadurai

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