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Great Indian Auto Driver Annadurai

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Great Indian Auto Driver Annadurai

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An Auto driver is not an ordinary driver. one of The great human beings is formed borne as a  driver. The Auto driver Annadurai who will be able to provide as many facilities as possible for passengers in his auto. In some special occasions like women day, teachers day and lovers day is the best to ride freely in his auto. He is an auto driver who gives inspirational speeches for those who want to grow in life. He is very happy.

Annadurai is Chennai. High School Dropout Student. I did not read much more. Yet he wanted to do something for his auto-Riksha passengers. He decided to implement his decision in a hurry. If the entire autopsy is his own auto, the passengers climbed and decided to put something in his auto to get them to get four things.

The one is free WiFi. Travelers can use free WiFi as long as it passes in his auto. But he did not stop. 40 types of magazines and newspapers are kept in auto. Card swiping machine for cards without cash. Laptops, Tablet PCs, iPod Pro, etc. All of their Travelers can use them for free. .. in the occasion of  Woman’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Lovers Day, Women’s Day, Teachers Day, and Lovers Day relevant passenger can travel free of cost in his Auto  In this way, he became popular in this area. Initially, it is not for other drivers, but now everyone is surprised by his honesty and customer satisfaction. Following the principle of guest honesty in India Annadurai has made all the facilities available for passengers in his auto.


                                            Auto Driver Annadurai 

However, when he got some encouragement from Annadurai, he started giving lectures on popular shows like Ted. He’s impressed with all the speeches he puts in for those who want to rise up in life. In this order, Anadurai has released an Android app for his passengers in his auto rickshaw. It is said that his auto name website and Facebook pages are running.

He has now joined a number of followers in the media. How do you get any amenities? Those who look forward to having a lot in this area. Getting all the popularity. However, he also said that he would release the IOS app soon and make his auto available for Apple users. It runs from 8 A.m. to 12 p.m., from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., The travelers say he is equal to the god. And that’s why we really need to say Hats off to the ideas, his inspirational speeches, and the hidden humanity in him

It’s because of this Auto drive everybody in India should be proudly said that Iamgreatindian.  

See these Annadurai Video URLs.

Auto Annadurai – India’s Most Famous Auto Driver – YouTube

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