Great Indian A school drop out Venkatesh saves people from drowning…

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Great Indian A school drop out Venkatesh saves people from drowning…

Great Indian A school drop out Venkatesh saves people from drowning
                            Great Indian A school drop out Venkatesh saves people from drowning..

A school drop-out, Venkatesh has saved more than 450 people from drowning at the Marina beach in Chennai. He works with the Beach Patrol, for no money. He says doing this service to the society gives him immense satisfaction.
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                    Great Indian Venkatesh with police officials

Great Indian Venkatesh is a recognizable sight at Chennai’s well known Marina Beach, bouncing about in the solid undercurrents and high waves that are normal for the waters along this extension of the drift. He is a major help to the shoreline watch officers and is said to have spared more than 100 individuals who were at risk of suffocating. Individuals may change their lives in the line of obligation, or for transcendence or cash. Be that as it may, infrequently does somebody chance his life to spare others basically on the grounds that it makes him upbeat.for more info source from social media T.V. newsletters. 

This is because of him everybody could say themselves is Iamgreatindian.

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