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India this derived from Indus, which originates from the Old Persian word Hindus. The latter term stems from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, which was the historic local appellation for the Indus River.

Home (Indian) WHAT IS INDIA AND WHO ARE INDIAN India this derived from Indus, which originates from the Old Persian word Hindus. The latter term stems from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, which was the historic local appellation for the Indus River.
                       Indus Valley Civilization

The ancient Greeks referred to the Indians as Indoi, which translates asthe people of the Indus“. Those people who are living in India are called Indians. Indians culture/civilization living around Sindhu came to be known as “Sindhu”. The Persian traders started pronouncing itHindus”. The land of “Hindus” hence came to be known as Hindustan. So the people living in India before Mughals were known as Hindus or Hindustani, which inherently means that Hindu” is actually another name for the people living in India and has got nothing to do with religion. so the people living in India are great. So I am great. IamgreatIndian. 

The early European traders up “Hindus from Asian merchants, esp Persians  The Greeks simplified the name further by calling it “Indos”, and then some bright Greek scholar thought of substituting the “o” with “u”… and thus the name Indus was born. The Romans picked up the name and the “land of Indus” came to be known as India”. Britishers also called this nation as India, logically we sayindependent Nation Declared In August“(INDIA).

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It is the way Indian behave, react to certain things, the way we perceive and interpret our values and beliefs. In its varied manifestations, it forms the basic principles, ethics, workings, and behavior.

To define culture and limit it to these words would be an understatement. It is like trying to control tornado and limit it to a corner. It’s a system of emancipation which continues to absorb within itself and pass on the society, all that is activated by different races and religions, who come in close proximity with each other, giving it a new flavor and coloring it in a spectrum of new colors, over a period of time.

indian culture
few traditional dances, Namaskar, yoga, Jyothi, Om, Tilak Dharan, Mehindi etc.,






Indian Culture is the blend of a few things like fashion, music, artistry, behavior, social standards, engineering and even nourishment and dress sense. A living, vibrating and dynamic movement which overwhelms the entire of living, in a specific timeframe. This is the thing that makes up the entire scene of our social texture separating down from the upper strata to the fundamental roots, to the basic man in the city. The Indian Culture as we probably are aware it today is an absorption of a few social behaviors.   India has been a colossal blend of different convictions and practices which make up the distinctive societies that came to India. It is a composite culture because of the different impacts which have added to the making of qualities and morals. The projection of our way of life has unquestionably taken a crash, however, something which has kept going, developed and liberated over hundreds of years can’t without much of a stretch be wiped out or deteriorated. It develops might be diverse with time. It takes ages to give a clear shape and continues adding to itself. It’s constantly powerful, something vibrating and satisfactory to changes.. See details Indian culture .. 

Indian Civilization goes back to a few millenniums and the most punctual one on record is the Indus Valley Civilization,  owes its starting points to Vedas and the Hindu Culture laid worship for these heavenly sacred texts scripted in the consecrated dialect of Sanskrit. It essentially had some remarkable focuses which were a faith in God in some shape, accentuation on ceremonies, which were accepted to join them in the profound family relationship, confidence in the Guru-Shishya custom of taking in, a divided standing framework in view of the work designated. see this video to think about little affirmation on Hinduism

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Other than the Hindu religion in India, we have the Jains who have asserted their religion to be mostly old of all, even to Aryan Hinduism and exhibited insightful help to the presence of Jainism in the Indus Valley. Buddhism is another religion in our nation which depends on the lessons of Gautam Buddha. It is additionally one of the immense religions of the world. Researchers have maintained a strategic distance from the world religion for Buddhism and like to call it an arrangement of profound quality or ethics. Islam was conveyed to India by the trespassers and even as they set up their government in the nation, they enjoyed proliferation and strong change. It is today a religion with one of the biggest followings on the planet. The most punctual of recorded and conspicuous intrusion was that of Alexander.   The significant impact of this intrusion was that his walk delivered a land course from Europe to India with the outcome that Greek and Indian developments came in close contact affecting each other to an incredible extent. Later we have had the impacts of Christianity brought into India by the French, the Portuguese and to a noteworthy degree by the Britishers who ruled for about two centuries.

We have had a sprinkling of Jews and a decent lump of Parsis looking for asylum in our country. In the cauldron of this composite blend of different religions and societies developed the Hindustani culture in Northern Indian and the Dravidian culture of the South. The Bhakti development in the Middle Ages in India was an all-India socio-religious development. Ramanuj, Nanak, Ramanand and Kabir, Namdeva, Tukaram and Ramdas, Jaidev and Chaitanya reprimanded the standing framework and realized socio-religious changes in the Hindus society.

The Nawabi culture of Central India and overwhelmingly Lucknow passed on another amazing style to the unavoidable customs of prominence which isolated down to the clerical class. This was comprehensively known as ‘Tehzib‘. The political setup of our country relies upon an affirmation of this composite way of life with the adaptability to practice one’s own specific religious and culture in any bit of the country. The overwhelming part Hindus have reliably been a tolerant religion and have drenched a variety of this structure into their lifestyle yet a couple of things practiced today are hard to be categorized. The social surface of our country has been made strong all through the several years through our contrasted social orders. It is our religious and culture which is pulling in individuals of all religious and nationality to the country. Countless have left for remote shores and their second ages are growing up there.

These young ones are all the more exposed to change and assimilation. They are the ones encountering youth in an area outcast to us however extremely general to them. The stunning part is that even after all the prologue to this outside culture, they continue holding the basics of the lifestyle their people had swallowed in them by acting usually at home. The roots are profound to the point that it is difficult to strip them off. Just by singing or strumming rock, Lazard Pop music does not annihilate I culture. Wearing Western dresses or talking in a substitute underline does not infer that our lifestyle is to break down. Brilliance appears, which are all things considered violently limited by a zone of our overall population, are not adequately successful to change or affect our lifestyle

The more youthful age has still its umbilical line associated with their ethnic culture safely even as they turn out to be a dynamically present day. There are a large number of youths in the metros moving at discotheques who backpedal to hold their convention and culture where it truly matters. It is unquestionably the quality of our way of life that it can’t be so effectively exchanged off. It isn’t the physical being, ‘It is a State of Mind’. The West has obtained  Indian Yoga, risen above contemplation, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, and Ayurveda appears to be none the more regrettable for it. Truth be told, it develops more solid even like us with our young ones celebrating the good life in style. The world is,  all things considered, heading for a Global Village so let us get its essence and keep on emancipating. Our way of life can just pick up by adding to it. What is important truly is our personality and our morals.

Indian Culture shows us to regard older folks and to treat the Guru or Teacher at a rank equivalent to ones’ folks. This is something which is incomprehensible in the created countries. Our way of life is gradually being dissolved and the day it is viewed as unimportant, we might no more have a country. The convictions, advancement of human forces, mental and otherworldly preparing out of sight of our religious conventions, all make a coordinated move for our way of life to be lively and a living entity. Indian Cultural solidarity implies a healthy strong undercurrent streaming into the convictions of individuals which mutually create our country. These lasting convictions, social conventions, and otherworldly practices make up our social texture. This is because I can probably say that iamgreatindian. for more info go to this URL. .   In India Cultural unity means Unity in Diversity’ but this has remained a fake rhetoric only. These are the Indian discriminating factors which are slowly growing at the roots of our culture. Indian Culture will be wiped out because of this ambiguity. ….Let us awake and be equal to all transgressions on our culture.

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